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  1. Blake1806

    Blake1806 Member

    In tune mode, go to presets, stock, then load. It will ask you if you are sure you want to replace current settings with preset, select yes, and you are back to stock. As for tunes, well I don't own that vehicle, sorry.

  2. daddyychriss

    daddyychriss New Member

    Can anyone give me any tips on tuning? I just can't get the hang of it.
  3. somewhatstock

    somewhatstock Member

    thats not how it works at all... if you look at the tail pipe when the nosss comes on, it blows blue fire out of it. it accelerates the car kind of like jet propulsion which actually helps traction because its accelerating without using the tires to power the car
  4. kenshell

    kenshell Member

    My traction light is programmed to flash "YB"

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  5. dfdugal

    dfdugal New Member

    I've got a fully loaded BMW M3 (stock tuning) running in the 14.6's in level 4, but my BMW M6 in level 5 is barely turning in the same numbers. (1/2 mile)

    Anyone have suggestions for getting more out of the M6 in level 5?
    Engine: stage 5
    Turbo: stage 5
    Intake: stage 5
    Nitro: stage 3
    Weight: stage 3
    Wheels: stage 5

    Maybe it's a driving thing - I'm launching both cars into 2nd gear off the line and hitting the nitro in 3rd. The M6 reaches higher top speed, but still turns in sad times.
  6. Ish_fish

    Ish_fish Member

    Hello fellow Drag racers!! Currently running the Koenigsegg Agera R, right now running 1/4 @ 8.131 and the 1/2 @11.911 any tuning tips are greatly appreciated! also purchased a SSC Ultimate Aero so looking for upgrade and tuning tips on that one as well!! thanks!
  7. Physicsphun

    Physicsphun New Member

    You are incorrect sir. If you hit the nos too early your car will barely move. The fire is not jet propulsion, but rather the nos just burning out of your tail pipe. You want to hit it when the car will skid for just about a half second then catch traction.

    To the other guy, I am not sure but I don't think that is actually traction control. I think that light is just there in case some people don't want the sound on. It just means "tires are skidding"

    I am new to the game so I am not sure about my second point, but I am very sure about my first point. I have blown by many drivers in the early lvls of this game because they hit the nos while their tires were still spinning. The car just looks like it is sitting still. Sadly this stopped happening about lvl 4.

    Also, to anyone that can help, I have a lvl 7 Am one-77 currently running 8.6xx, tuning and race style below. I would appreciate any advice to help compete with the 8.4xx and 8.3xx I see running in pro. (No specific tunes though. I want to figure it out somewhat on my own. I just don't know that much about tuning in general. I can play with the numbers but I don't know what they mean.)

    Nos: 4.02/75%
    Final drive: 4.800
    1st: 1.777
    2nd: 1.731
    3rd: 1.176
    4th: 0.945
    5th: 0.750
    6th: 0.650

    I skip the first two gears starting in 3rd. I then hit the nos as it hits 7500 rms in 3rd and try to just over perfect shift the rest of the way. I've tried other strategies but this one gets me the best times of 8.635-8.668.
  8. Rud1

    Rud1 Member

    Sup fellow racers.... i run the lvl 10 bug ss and the aero, 1/2 tuning them to run wit the venom my aero is 10.60- 10.66 range and bug is @ 10.7 1/2 and 7.276 at 1/4 cant get lower wit either..i jus maxd my venom out yest. But havent gotn ard to tunin yet... im lookin for tunes in the 10.2Xs and any good tunes for the Zonda 1/4 and 1/2.if u can help me out ill help u out.... my rossi lvl 7 fastest is 12.10 1/2
  9. Rud1

    Rud1 Member

  10. Physicsphun

    Physicsphun New Member

    I don't know what you are talking about. If you read my post I raced driver battles a lot to make RP and cash. And won a lot because of stupid people using nos incorrectly. And nos should be used differently because of how the car is tuned as well. I was simply stating it is not a "jet" pushing you even when there is no traction.
  11. ray1126

    ray1126 Well-Known Member

    BMW M3 E92 does anyone have any setting to help out this car I've been playing with the tune setting and stock is the fastest I've found but I no this car can go faster than 190 in the 1/2 because I've seen it but I don't no what settings the player is using to achive 200+ mph in the 1/2 can some one help
  12. ray1126

    ray1126 Well-Known Member

    just tap the preset button and highlight stock than tap load it should ask you to confirm.
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  13. Rud1

    Rud1 Member

    Man... i saw a venom run 10.899 smh
  14. bumnuts

    bumnuts Member

    Im running 10.897 at the moment..........:)
  15. Rud1

    Rud1 Member

    Me too i jus got the update, ill share my tune if u share ures
  16. italyhippie

    italyhippie New Member

    Hello everyone I have been reading this page for some time now and wanted to let you know what my 1/2 time is and see if its any good. I am getting 12.378 in my 599 I've tuned it myself and have won every race so far. Is this a good time?
  17. bumnuts

    bumnuts Member

    Whats your user name and ill race ya:D:D:D
  18. bumnuts

    bumnuts Member

    Im running 12.362.......:D
  19. italyhippie

    italyhippie New Member

    I just sold my 599 for a venom now I'm broke and the prices are insane I need to make a lot of money fast
  20. British Prick

    British Prick Member

    Pagani Zonda is faster, 7.903 so far.

    EDIT: 7.897.
  21. British Prick

    British Prick Member

    F.D. 2.473
    1st 2.980
    2nd 2.000
    3rd 1.715
    4th 1.507
    5th 1.339
    6th 1.232
    7th 1.092

    Fastest is 7.274.
  22. British Prick

    British Prick Member

    Pagani Zonda is the best level 8 car, I have mine running 7.903 so far. If you get one I'll help you tune it.

    Edit: 7.897.
  23. British Prick

    British Prick Member

    Anyone have a tune for the M3 at level 4?
  24. dui6669

    dui6669 New Member

    Has anyone found a tuning setup for level 8 Koenigsegg Agera R? I've tried and tried but can't beat the tuned Zonda R's in 1/2 mile. My times are currently running 11.79x consistant. If anyone found a way to get 11.6xx i'd like to know if it is possible.
  25. powerdedo

    powerdedo New Member

    Pagani Zonda is the best, you do not need nitro to get 8.2 with nitro 8.0- then tuning=7.8
    best way to understand how to drive you car -
    go to | race -> friends -> race ->
    then choose distance, level, and you will see exactly where is your slow moments...
    this way i found how to speedup my zonda even without tuning/
    i start with 2nd, then 3rd on 7K, 4rth on 7K-7,5K push nitro and gear together, and same with 5 to the end.
    6th gear you push only for 1/2mi

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