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  1. blueRAP

    blueRAP Member

    Hope it addresses the Error:840 username bug and Pro League.

  2. Wackawaom

    Wackawaom New Member

    Anyone know how to recover lost game save data? This douche deleted my save (uninstalled my game from market), and I don't wan't to start from scratch...

    Please help!
  3. big3etr

    big3etr Active Member

    Try to reinstall and hope the save data is still there, if not....then you're starting over!!!
  4. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    Do not get the 599 gto and think your 599 tunes will port over, I tricked out the red one thinking I would be the cool dude with the 12.4 red 599... wrong. You've been warned.
  5. ghostcloak

    ghostcloak Member

    Lol I just raced Error:840's Supra and won... Good racing with you :)
  6. ghostcloak

    ghostcloak Member

    Lol I just raced Error:840's S2000 and won... Good racing with you :)
  7. OlafBiggles

    OlafBiggles New Member

    I've just managed to get 12.41x! As such, thought I'd share my previous 12.42x configuration.
    NOS - 2.65s
    Final - 2.005
    1st - 3.206
    2nd - 2.646
    3rd - 2.148
    4th - 1.836
    5th - 1.623
    6th - 1.453

    Again, this is max rev start. Change to 2nd at 50, then the rest all perfect shifts. Fire NOS as soon as hitting 3rd gear. Enjoy, and if anyone beats 12.416, let me know, so I can carry on fine tuning my setup.

    This should save many people a few hours...
    There is a better tune requiring a perfect start, but can't get that often enough, and without the perfect start only runs 12.44x.
  8. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    why the hell is porn on of the tags for this???

    any who im loving the pro racer league, have my brabus for level 6 races and it usually pulls top three

    also, anyone buy the pagani yet? its easily my favorite car in real life but im afraid it might be a waste of money in the game.
  9. big3etr

    big3etr Active Member

    I am having an issue with the Perfect Timing !! achievement. It seems to be stuck @ 41/50 perfect launches. I am well past that number. Each time I get one I check to see if it moves, but it just stays put. Anyone else have an issue with this?
  10. Rook1969

    Rook1969 Member

    Pagani sucks. After tuning it, there's no challengers in the half mile at lvl 8. I can miss my launch and red light 3 gears and still pull off a first place in Pro League.

    Gonna build a new car that takes more skill to drive.

  11. Bmr4life

    Bmr4life Member

    Sorry no, 167/250 here.
  12. Rook1969

    Rook1969 Member

    Damn Pagani!


    Why do I get +11 Rank if I finish in first, and -16 rank if I finish in second? Kinda puts the pressure on, doesn't it?
  13. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    since 5k rank is the highest you can go they lower the points the closer you are to 5k so that way you dont have everyone at the highest rank.
  14. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    also anyone know what the best cars for level 6 and level 7 are? i still need to get cars for that rank :(
  15. Rook1969

    Rook1969 Member

    The maxed out, tuned to the hilt 599 Novitec Rosso is pretty hard to beat in the half mile at lvl 7. For Level six I did quite well with a brabus 700 biturbo, maxed out and barely tuned, also in the half mile.
  16. vaira.m

    vaira.m Active Member

    I have a ferrari 599 maxed out and fullytuned running at 12.4xx constant.. Now i have earned a cash of more than 2000000.. So i can afford to keep my ferrari and buy either bugati or venom.. But m consfued.. The level 8 boss seems to run aero which is a lesser leve car and he hits 11.7xx, What would you suggest me to buy now??
  17. Rook1969

    Rook1969 Member

    After I saved up money with the 599, I bought the Venom, but sold it cause I wanted to keep running up the pro league and it sucks at lvl 8, so I sold it and got a pagani instead which dominates with the right tuning. The agera and aero are very popular at lvl 8 in the 1/2 mile. Can't say what goes on in the qtr because I don't race it much. Now I'm working on tuning my Venom for lvl 9.
  18. Bmr4life

    Bmr4life Member

    Yeah, what cars beats the level 7 boss? They just ran a 11.5 against me.
  19. Boysterload

    Boysterload Member

    I have a totally maxed out 599 Ferrari and I usually get in the 12.4 range for a half mile. How do I get to see the level 9 cars and how do I get to level 8? I have $2 million banked, but I don't want to buy the Veyron or Hennessy if a level 9 car is just a little more.
  20. taz92

    taz92 Well-Known Member

    can someone help me tune my level 2 supra? Im trying everything and I cant win against the boss.
  21. Rook1969

    Rook1969 Member

    So far there aren't any cars that start at lvl 9 or 10, just lvl 7 & 8 cars that have been upgraded.
  22. Bmr4life

    Bmr4life Member

    What are some good settings for the BMW m3 e92?
  23. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    You aren't going to believe this. I was racing while reading these posts and looked down and I just beat someone named DragRacer.

    Were you racing a Ferrari 599 around 5 pm eastern on Tuesday? I took first with a 12.434 and someone named DragRacer was just a hair behind me at 12.436.

    I swear this online thing is fake but would love to confirm if I'm racing real people. I've seen too many things that make me think the online racing is fake. For example, I just saw a Honda S2000 win a level 8 pro league race. Another racer with a score high enough to be on the leaderboard but not there. Another racer who beat me and when saw them on the next race but their score only increased by 1. Has anybody ever actually made it on to the leaderboard? It seems impossible to do. The closer you get the less you get for winning and the more they deduct for taking second place.
  24. UniR

    UniR Member

    Taz92, this has won easily for me when I have tried it.


    Engine **
    Turbo *****
    Intake ***
    NOX *****
    Weight ***
    Tires **

    5 secs @ 60%
    F 3.28:1
    1 2.8
    2 1.8
    3 1.37
    4 1.2
    5 1.13
    6 1

    Feather in the greem to launch
    Shift to second perfect then NOX
    Perfect shift the rest through the 1/2 mile
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  25. ghostcloak

    ghostcloak Member

    I don't know about that first part... In the Level 1 Pro competition, My rank is around 4600. Winning first place nets me a whoppin' 9xp, while second place is -17xp. It's not impossible to get up to 5000, it just takes a LONG time and a little bit of luck in who you are racing against... When I see that someone is slightly faster, I stop playing and get back on when other "slower" people are playing. I'm sure when you get up to the around 4800xp, the points probably go down to 1xp per race. Yes it's hard, but not impossible. Just have patience and keep at it :)

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