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  1. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    Let me know if you have any success. I eventually abandoned it. It appeared my 0-60 was just a hair quicker but overall I was running slower because of the additional shift needed to 2nd. So I'm back to putting my thumb on both the gas and shift lever to immediately start off in 2nd.

    I did some more tuning and I am at a spot where I have zero wheel spin until I hit NOS in 3rd gear. It "feels" like I'm lugging the engine off the line but it's working well for me. Have run as fast as 12.419 with the black Ferrari this way (level 7).

    Here's my tuning parameters if anybody wants to try it on a full loaded black Ferrari.

    Nos 131%
    F 3.653
    1 1.744
    2 1.483
    3 1.180
    4 1.060
    5 .922
    6 .806

    start off in 2nd and then shift perfectly for the rest of the race

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  2. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    Agreed that using nitros too early will just light up the tires and be wasterd but the other extreme is waiting until later in the run when there isn't as much track left. Nitro makes you run a little bit faster from the time you use it until the finish line. The earlier you can use it without wasting it, the better. Use the tuning to find the best place to use it. Generally I am finding 3rd gear is best even if causes a little bit of traction lost.
  3. GodofHtown

    GodofHtown New Member

    Hey guys i have a lvl 3 Honda S2000 completely upgraded and the best i can manage is 10.391 but i see ppl 10.2 , i also have a lvl 3 fully upgraded nissan skyline GT-R and the best i can get 10.6 but i see ppl runnin 10.1 can anyone help me with this?

    P.S im not good with tuning lol so a tuning guide would b nice and if you've raced with me be4 let me know how it was haha my name is God of Htown :p

    Editing in: just so ppl dont think im a noob ived owned over 10 cars all completely upgraded lol (i waste my rep and money like crazy :D) and i have a lvl 7 car i just haven't gotten around to upgrading becuz im having to much fun with my S2000 and my NSX
  4. tolz

    tolz New Member

    I have noticed when racing the "Drivers Battle" that others are beating me most of the time with cars that spin tires a lot out of the gate. With cars with good traction, I usually win. I'm at level 10, so I am racing against stiff competition, but still... Can someone who is at a high level explain how to start off fast with slick tires?

    My strategy is to try to get a perfect start. Change to 2nd gear pretty quick... about half way up the RPMs. Then I switch to 3rd gear pretty quickly too... about 3/4ths the RPMs.

    The thing is, it looks like guys are instantly faster than me. Like they start right out of the gate without their tires spinning. I have tried shifting to 2nd gear instantly, but that still doesn't seem to work as good.

    Any help is appreciated.
  5. GodofHtown

    GodofHtown New Member

    The S2000 has a bad tire spin on it on the line so wat i did was drop the rpm start off at 3-5000 instead of getting a perfect start it reduces the tire spin getting a perfect start isn't always the best thing try starting a lil earlier and see how that does ya i dropped by 2 secs by starting in lower rpms (try this technique in novice mode first to get the feel and to experiment with which rpm is best)
  6. KillerTank

    KillerTank New Member

    Trying to perfect my 599 at lvl 6. My upgrades are 1/1/1/5/1/5 im at 696800. I've tried other upgrade combinations, but no luck...

    I'm getting consistent 13.22's But I see guys running 13.10's and 13.11's... I have been playing with tuning for 2 days, but no dice...

    Any advice on how to get a level 6 599 Rosso into the 13.1's???
  7. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    what cars would everyone want to see added to this game? Personally, im waiting for them to add a 458 italia, ariel atom, maybe a caterham r500, maybe a funny car or top fuel dragster that can be purchased as a level 10 car(cant be upgraded much though), and maybe a few trucks like an SRT10, and a lightning, or the SRT8 grand cherokee.

    im also holding out for more upgrades like clutch,flywheel, suspension(if they add in wheelies to cars too) maybe add in a burnout/pre stage option before the race starts :p

    also, i think that the "online" races is just you racing a ghost of another user, when it gives error:840, thats kinda of a giveaway since its a database error.
  8. GodofHtown

    GodofHtown New Member

    Error:840 is an actual person ive seen him on facebook on the Drag Racing page i just enjoy kicking his ass lol
  9. SloMoFo504

    SloMoFo504 New Member

    If anyone is interested in trading tunes. i made a room on palringo called drag racing android or invite contact SloMoFo. i am BuiltFordTough, uLOST2aFord, and SloMoFo on game
    favorite car is the ford evolution.
  10. Afishegg

    Afishegg New Member

    Hi guys and gals, its me Afishegg. I am currently running my lvl 10 aero in the 10.999 - 10.980 range. Now I won't post my tune specs yet (but I will) I'll tell you how I shift.

    First tap the gas to get the process started.
    Now as soon as the girls hand starts to go down hold the gas to rev up if you do this just right you should hit 6k right at the "perfect " moment. Now then when the hand starts to move I shift into 1st then 2nd both perfect then hit nitro and finish with perfect 3rd and 4th 5th etc.
  11. egb18c

    egb18c New Member

    no need to tune the 599.
    i have all upgrades, except only 1tire upgrade. ran 12.288 average 12.3-12.4
    shift to 2nd immediently, then short shift to 3rd@6k and short to 4th@7k carry 4th to perfect shift, then nitrous in 5th.
  12. frijolez

    frijolez Member

    The 599 is the fastest car in the 1/2 at level 6, fact. Anyone saying otherwise isn't going against a smart driver.

    The lambo is by far the fastest at level 6 in the 1/4, i've seen 8.82. I don't know enough about timings and tunings, but my friend is tinkering with shit and we'll be running identical setups and stuff (he does tuning in real life to sub 10 second cars, which has nothing to do with this game).

    Every level has its king cars, bottom line. With the right driver, they'll always win.

    For the 1/4, I know its:
    Level 1: SRT-4 (I think)
    Level 2: S2000
    Level 3: Skyline
    Level 4: I thought it was the Impreza
    Level 5: Evo
    Level 6: Lambo

    I haven't progressed past 6 yet, my non tuned lambo I can get 8.9 regularly, so I just leave it there and I'm sitting at 3k rating points waiting on my buddy to tune the lambo to 8.82 for me :p

    I've heard mixed things about 8-10, but just look at the proleague and which cars are proliferated, and that'll give you your answer about whos on top of each level.

    Drivers battle are a personal favorite of mine :D

    Note on single player mode: you can progress your car past the level the boss is on, and still go back and beat him. Most bosses are putting out numbers (and have a nicer level car) than you can have at your current level.

    You'll find me in level 6, racing under "KC_frijoles"
  13. Phixation

    Phixation Active Member

    I still am racing regularly in level 6 with my 599 KC_frijoles, so I hope to see you there sometime :D
  14. frijolez

    frijolez Member

    Lambo's rule the level 6 pro boards.

    Some are running like an 8.6, I have no idea how :(

    If anyone is running a lambo at level 6 and getting low numbers like that, please share :p Launch, shift points, tuning, etc :(
  15. Phixation

    Phixation Active Member

    Ya, I raced one once in the 1/4 mile that I believe ran an 8.58....it was a very humbling experience
  16. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    I'm running around an 8.61 in the 1/4 with my loaded 599. You need to tune. You're wasting your nitrous by waiting until 5th gear. Try immediately after hitting 3rd.
  17. Mausacht

    Mausacht New Member

    Whats the best 1/2 mile car for level 8 and beyond?
  18. JCompton41

    JCompton41 New Member

    I got my BMW running 14.55s by tuning, but people have it running 14.49 and I have no idea how. I've been messing with my tuning and driving different ways and I cannot get it any faster.
  19. Bk Randy

    Bk Randy Member

    Need a BMW m3 e92 tuniing for under 14.5
  20. egb18c

    egb18c New Member

    with your tune my best time was 12.486@152 after about 100 passes. i didn't waste rp on level 5 intake, and level 5 weight drop. cause i was already winning 98% of the time.. but here is my tune that i ran 12.462@154

    redline 1st gear, shift at 80mph..nitrous in 3rd...
    nitrous 110%
  21. Tazilon

    Tazilon New Member

    There IS a save option.
  22. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    That's an option that was just recently added. I upgraded over the weekend and have it now. They also "fixed" it so that I can't launch in 2nd gear by holding the gas pedal and shift lever at the same time.
  23. Skau

    Skau New Member

    Hey I'm new here:D

    I just wanted to ask a quick question, is 8.563 a good time for the Gallardo on lvl 8? I usually end up around late 8.560's I also win just about every race I play, both in the Pro League and F2F, but I know they are recorded, that's why I ask :)

    Awesome game, keep up the good work! BTW my name is also Skau in-game if anyone has raced against me!
  24. formula428

    formula428 New Member

    New here, 1st post. Just thought I'd share that I have personally ran 14.505 with my M3 (level 4) twice, and a 14.507 once. That was coming from a 14.610 stock tuning. I would love to know how very few have managed a 14.48x...nice tune and driving for that!

    **Update -- playing with shifting and tuning, and smacked around a 14.495 and 14.497...dreaming of 480's though. Fastest I've ever seen was a 14.487.

    Currently working on my LEVEL 6 599...tuning it right now.

    Name is formula428 in the game.
  25. Bmr4life

    Bmr4life Member

    Ha, I've raced you a few times. I hate your new PB. Makes my 13.186 looks like crap. I'm S197.

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