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Drag Racing

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  1. blueRAP

    blueRAP Member


    Funny, I don't see your name on any of the leaderboards, whereas I definitely used to.. I bet that it is adjusted to different phones, just like you said.

    As for the AM one-77.. let's just say that 13.000 1/2 mile runs are a thing of the past ;)

  2. Phixation

    Phixation Active Member

    Wow....guess Ferraris are soon to be a thing of the past in Level 6 since I dont think its possible to run a 12.xx in one haha. Im working on getting to 5000 points in Level 9 now so after that I think I know what my next project is gonna be :D Maybe I'll see you on L6 sometime.

    BTW...you still show up on my phone in Level 6 at #5 overall
  3. blueRAP

    blueRAP Member

    The leaderboards remain a mystery lol.

    So happens that I'm working on lvl 9 as well.. 1/2 mile right? Are you running under 11.200?
  4. Phixation

    Phixation Active Member

    Ya 1/2 mile....best so far is 11.192...its a turbo car...no NO2.

    Hardest thing for me is getting used to the weird shift pattern for perfects shift. Its like you gotta shift at 7k in 3rd and 4th, then 6800 for 5th, and 6600 for 6th...just kinda weird

    How about you?
  5. blueRAP

    blueRAP Member

    Exact same everything for me.. competition is thick out there :p

    I find the launch the hardest thing for me, timing is tricky.. Have you seen anyone faster than .192? I haven't.
  6. Phixation

    Phixation Active Member

    I havent seen anyone faster yet, but im only at 4600 points...there has to be faster people out there, and im sure someone will beat me before I get to 5000 :)
  7. sk82jack

    sk82jack Member

    What is generally considered better out of the Venom and the Bugatti? Obv the Venom is priced higher but does anyone have the power, weight and grip stats for the fully uploaded versions for comparison?

    Currently running a NR599 @ 12.604 (best) - 12.618 (average) 1/2 mile but haven't bothered tuning....yet lol what sort of time differences am I likely to see supposing my tuning is half decent:D

    If it's not that much different then I'll just leave it and upgrade seeing as that will cost an extra 100k or however much it is lol) to the venom/bugati when I get enough money/RP for a couple of upgrades straight away (was thinking like 3-4 mil and going from there - including price of the car)

    Sorry about the lengthy post too:) (well it seemed quite lengthy writing it but comparing to top of the page...not that bad:p
  8. blueRAP

    blueRAP Member

    Reread your post, my gear shifts actually start around 6600 and go up from there. I usually get around 11.196 with a good launch.

    I'm at 4945 rank points and haven't seen anyone under .200 except for one in "bet and race," and he ran a .196
  9. blueRAP

    blueRAP Member

    Venom for 1/2, Bugatti for 1/4.

    Tuning the 599 will get way better times, even with just a little tuning.
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  10. sk82jack

    sk82jack Member

    Don't really race 1/4 so Venom it is:) Cheers man.

    The thing is, I'm winning 95% of my races online(unless my friend comes over and hits the shift down button just before the finish line!:mad:lol) but it would be nice to achieve some good times with this bad boy! lol

    hmmm, I'll have to think about it.
  11. cripple1218

    cripple1218 Member

    has anyone happened to have gotten beat by a veyron... in level 4 pro league? i ended up gettin alotttt of cash, so i bought every car and upgraded all the top end cars in one go, turns out all my level 8, 9, and 10 cars were being called level 4, was able to run the veyron in level 4, i have photo proof (you can see the cars and times that were posted below mine, and see that they are cars hot in the level 4 PL) but i don't know how to post it at the moment. but i was just wondered if anyone else seen it, and if anyone else has had the same happen to them.
  12. cripple1218

    cripple1218 Member

    which veyron would you be asking about? i will post stats for both veyrons and the venom fully upgraded. i will post times for the 3 for both tracks as well (but dont rely on the times as a sure fire which is which cuz im not a great racer) henn. venom-1756 bhp + 335 Bhp N2O weighs 2284 lbs grip is 15622
    veyron 16.4 super sport 1732 bhp + 335 bhp N2O weighs 3560 lbs, grip is 28567
    bugatti veyron 16.4 (not super sport) 1477 bhp + 335 bhp nitro weighs 3654 grip is 29319
    venom 1/4: 7.66 1/2:11.25
    16.4 ss 1/4:7.51 1/2:11.24
    16.4(not ss) 1/4:7.78 1/2: 11.77

    Now i know there are people out there that can run better times that that, but that was tuneless, and like i said earlier, i am not a very good racer.
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  13. zadam

    zadam New Member

    Just wondering why some people are saying to shift straight away to 2nd or 3rd gear? Wouldn't it make more sense to tune your gears such that 1st gear is actually a good gear to start in?
  14. sk82jack

    sk82jack Member

    Cheers for that dude, exactly what I asked for:)

    And I was talking about the super sport sorry I didn't specify but cheers for posting both.
  15. Rareed83

    Rareed83 New Member

    I have been unable to find the link to the website you mentioned. But I've heard about it. Do you know it off the top of tour head?
  16. jlacombe52

    jlacombe52 Member

  17. proman

    proman New Member

    hi! i don't know how to make lots of money whit my level 8 car... i just battle bosses to make money (clear the level 7 boss all the time) but i need more money! can some1 help?:confused::confused:
  18. sk82jack

    sk82jack Member

    Online head to head races seem to be the way forward earning respect as well as money.
  19. Cincy Dad

    Cincy Dad Active Member

    In a real world, yes, but not in this game. I've spent countless hours trying different launch techniques on my Level 7 black 599. I'm running the 1/2 in the 12.41x's which is as fast as I've seen them run by starting in 2nd gear. Even though I'm never in 1st gear, it's setting does impact my launch. By keeping 1st somewhat close to 2nd, I can keep the RPM's from dipping too low during the launch.
  20. cripple1218

    cripple1218 Member

    no problem. one question for anyone, the venom and veyron ss, should I race them in 9 or 10? and if anyone has a decent tune they could post
  21. chrisjbeech

    chrisjbeech Member

    currently trying to tune my Vennom to run 10.940 seconds in the half mile, so far iv managed to get a fairly constant 10.970s

    if anybody has tuning ratios for the vennom gt i would greatly appreciate them! :)
  22. blueRAP

    blueRAP Member

    Those two cars are definitely for level 10.

    For all kinds of tune settings and tips, go to the game's facebook fan page: Drag Racing | Facebook and click on "Discussions" on the left.
  23. Cherry79

    Cherry79 New Member

    My M3 just did a 14.478 in a test-run, and i'm getting high 14.4, low 14.5 in virtually every run.
    My M3 just did a 14.446 (9.65 for 1/4mi) in a test-run, and i'm getting around 14.46 in virtually every run.

    I won't disclose the full setup here, you'll have to figure out the final bits on your own.

    Gear ratios are like this:

    final: 3.8
    1st: 2.2
    2nd: 1.54
    3rd: 1.27
    4th: 1.09
    5th: 0.96
    6th: 0.87

    Just go for perfect starts (it's extremly easy with this gearing) with revs in the range of 6000-7000 rpm, perfect shiftsfind the best rpm for your gearchanges (you'll hit the occasional perfect shift, but that's not what you have to aim for) and find the sweet spot for NOS, and the 14.4814.45/14.46 will be yours :)

    The car itself is maxed out and win's every 1/2mi race on level 4.


    last edit:
    finally installed a screengrabber on the desire, and got you a proof-pic... unfortunately i didn't manage another 14.446 run, but .449 should be ok, too :)

    Attached Files:

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  24. Szecsa

    Szecsa New Member

    Hey everyone! :)

    Just a simply question. How can you reach higher speed than 238mph with NR599?

    Many times, if I'm going with the maximum speed and the other (same) car just goes faster..

    Thanks your replies :)
  25. matai

    matai New Member

    I'm totally addicted to this game too, just upgraded to a base Veyron. I have a couple questions;

    1. How do you guys get RP besides racing? Are you paying for it? Or downloading those free apps to get some? Can you keep re-downloading those?

    2. How do you tell how much it takes to level up your car? It sucks you don't get your RP back when downgrading so I guess you have to plan ahead huh?


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