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  1. kkjems911

    kkjems911 New Member

    Where ever I swipe or have any contact with the screen it leaves a thin blue line. I'm sure I set something wrong. Any help? Thanks in advance.

  2. kkjems911

    kkjems911 New Member

    I saw the posts on the S III, wasnt sure if it was the same for the Razr M or not.
  3. kkjems911

    kkjems911 New Member

    FYI it's the same
  4. rsisley

    rsisley Well-Known Member

    Is there also a grey tool bar on the top of the screen? It's proably in the Developer options. Go there (under settings) and make sure everything is unchecked.
  5. New Rising

    New Rising Well-Known Member

    Uncheck pointer location in developer options.

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