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  1. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    gotta download from your computer, then put on the phone's SD card manually. Not as hard as it seems though, just follow the instructions that have been given here.

    Awesome work though, really.

  2. novarider

    novarider Well-Known Member

    Oh ok I didn't know it wasn't a direct download
  3. SprintFun

    SprintFun VIP Member VIP Member

    Can you make the dock a little more transparent? Can that be controlled in LP? I feel like its too dark for the full effect unless you use a very warm background.
  4. tracerit

    tracerit Well-Known Member

    Looking nice.thanks
  5. Dreamlyfe

    Dreamlyfe Well-Known Member

    No problem. I just happen to be a 'warm color type' person, you called it, ANYways

    Attached Two Alternatives.
    The stock dock has a 75% transparency
    The alternative has 50%, and the 2nd alternative 25%

    Attached Files:

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  6. SprintFun

    SprintFun VIP Member VIP Member

    Great - i think 50% will be just what I need.
  7. Dreamlyfe

    Dreamlyfe Well-Known Member

    Cool, Thanks for the suggestion.

    The original link now includes the alternatives also.
  8. FestoKGB

    FestoKGB Well-Known Member

    Great work! I've downloaded AND donated to support. I love the icons, though I am finding them a little on the small side when placed on my dock. I may resize them in photoshop and see what happens. Other than that I am perfectly pleased with the icons and the dock backgrounds.

    Kudos to you!
  9. Dreamlyfe

    Dreamlyfe Well-Known Member

    I appreciate it, thank you :D

    Note about the icon sizes, I tried my best to maximize readability while keeping a universal size. If you do find a way to make them larger please share :)
  10. FestoKGB

    FestoKGB Well-Known Member

    It looks like the Launcher Pro sizes the icon regardless of it's orig size. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    I think the issue for my over-40 eyes is the second line of type. I'm not sure if that can be increased without ruining the proportions, which are quite nice.

    I'm due for some glasses anyway so it's all good. ;)
  11. osirusrising

    osirusrising Member

    Very nice, however i'm finding some issues with using this interface when trying to grab some widgets that normally will work on the Sense UI - 4G icon App, Facebook for sense, Calendar, Clock and a few others, From what i can tell it's all the apps that are designed by HTC that are not able to be displayed on the Launcher Screen. I do however love the icons and transparency, so uber CHIC! Love it!
    Many many thanks !
  12. Dreamlyfe

    Dreamlyfe Well-Known Member

    Your Welcome! And yes, the widgets designed for HTC Sense only work in Sense and cant be directly ported over to Launcher pro or copied. It's DEFINITELY a trade-off. Took me a good month before I fully transitioned over (It was the widgets included in Launcher Pro Plus that pushed me over the edge)
  13. smartguy75

    smartguy75 Well-Known Member

    Thanks a bunch for the icons and docks. I will make a donation through paypal soon.
    Quick question: Any significance in naming in two rows in your icons? Like whats the top row and bottom row? I am trying to understand the context and use proper icons..

    Another question, what icon suits better for voicemail?

    Another one is for Google Maps icon, which one is better?

    Would appreciate your response.. Thanks again..
  14. Dreamlyfe

    Dreamlyfe Well-Known Member

    Quite honestly I was just trying to make sure the user as the option to have the dock say what they want without conflicts. Say for instance you're running "Google:Maps" & "Google:Voice" and want both on the same dock. Instead of having two icons whose larger text reads "Google", you could it read "Google:Voice" and "Maps:Google" to differentiate
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  15. osirusrising

    osirusrising Member

    Awesome, If i had the money right now, believe me i would so DONATE....however maybe i can help donate in other ways. I'm a coder by trade and occupation, My company designs ECM products, and i have a good deal of knowledge around the SDK for android. Do you possibly know of any good free widgets for the 4g on/off toggle and possibly the facebook stream?
    Maybe something to look into porting or helping you with. I really have to appreciate this kind of work. It's a good thing from the community. OpenSource = FTW
  16. Dreamlyfe

    Dreamlyfe Well-Known Member

    Hello, Thanks i DEFINITLY appreciate the effort. At the moment I don't know of too many different widgets (I'm waiting for the Launcher Pro Plus Frienstream).
    I'm kind of bummed, earlier I was looking for help coding widgets for a "Zune-like" UI. I just happen to have come across an app that does so

    ROUGH preview:

    If you're interested/able to help hardcode dedicated widgets (or a pack/installer), I'd love to work together on it
  17. Happs

    Happs Member

    Can I trouble you to add some more icons to your pack? I have a few specific ones I'd like to add to my dock and don't have the software to do it (happy to donate too, and it'll also help your library!)

    Please can you create ones for:

    • Widget Locker
    • Tapatalk
    • LastPass

    Thanks very much...
  18. Dreamlyfe

    Dreamlyfe Well-Known Member

    Thank YOU for the support/donation, Enjoy :D

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  19. i2ichal2d

    i2ichal2d Member

    this wont work with adw huh?
  20. agentpower

    agentpower Member

    brilliant. I was using manup's but this dock is nice and i like the icons more.

    Wish they were just a little bigger :(

    but other than that it looks sexxy
  21. Happs

    Happs Member

    Wow that was quick. Many thanks and donated... :)
  22. agentpower

    agentpower Member

    Q: Where is the new google talk icon? i dont see it in the google folder after i redownloaded the pack.
  23. Dreamlyfe

    Dreamlyfe Well-Known Member

    I doubt it, I can explore porting the icons over but it's a bit too much extra work to do at the moment. (moving in to my dorm on Sat.) We shall see.

    Thanks and enjoy! I would have liked to create larger icons but the launcher Pro program restricts the dimensions of the icons.

    No problem, Thank YOU and keep the donations coming

    P.s *attached an icon for the Trillian Beta app that was just released.

    I just re downloaded the file, showed up fine for me, I went ahead and attached the icon though..

    Attached Files:

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  24. agentpower

    agentpower Member

    awesome. thanks.

    This is what I did with it!
  25. JasonK75

    JasonK75 Well-Known Member

    He is making a Friendstream widget for LP Plus? I might have to purchase the Plus upgrade for that bad boy!

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