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Driod Incredible Screen Colorlays by GrafiXpressions

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  1. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    Here is our newest product offering in our Colorlay line of products, the "GrafiXpressions Screen Colorlay" for the Droid Incredible by HTC.

    Customize the look of your screen with these easy to install overlays. These provide protection & style while aiming to keep the dust that accumulates on the edges of the screen to a minimum, hopefully never allowing the dust to enter under your screen.


    Colors shown are Carbon Fiber & Silver.






    YouTube video showing the durability can be seen here: YouTube - Droid Incredible Screen Colorlays by GrafiXpressions.com

    We also have a video on YouTube showing the durability of these.

  2. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member

    Where is the cut out for the led and sensor?
  3. brettlewis

    brettlewis Well-Known Member

    you got a good point there...
  4. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member

    I want to buy one, but is it going to have the LED, prox sensor and light sensor cut out?
  5. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    We'll be updating the design shortly to include those cutouts. For anyone that has ordered one we'll ship them the revised design if they'd like one.
  6. jradicle11

    jradicle11 That Guy VIP Member

    Will this actually protect the phone if I were to drop it?
  7. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member

    Let me know when the new version is available and I will be the first to order.

    Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk
  8. TaylorPelletier

    TaylorPelletier Active Member

    so these don't include a screen protector, correct? would they work on top of something like steinheil CC?
  9. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    ^ correct, no screen protector, they will work on top steinheils without a problem!
  10. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member

    Any news on the updated version?

    Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk
  11. Tr1age

    Tr1age Active Member

    I would love to see the white and the red in action. On the edge about buying without a visual :p
  12. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    ^ i'll try to get those pics!
  13. D2VW14_20

    D2VW14_20 Well-Known Member

    Are there pics of the revisions?
  14. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    None yet... i'll make sure the new pictures show the revised design with cutouts for the sensors.
  15. Randino

    Randino Well-Known Member

    Hey blue rocket, I like your products, will make an order soon most likely, but just a suggestion for you, it would be cool if you could find a program that would allow people to preview the overlays on their specific phone, that way people can get a good idea of what it would look like. especially with mixing colors and stuff.
  16. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    ^ i wish I had the expertise to make an applet that could do that... maybe some day!
  17. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    bump, don't forget we have colorlays for all the popular Android phones! Many new colors to choose form as well!
  18. locoandroid

    locoandroid Well-Known Member

    does it includes the back cover also?

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