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    I'm setting up my exchange on my EMC company issued driod thunderbold and it is asking me to activate the "Exchange security policies. It is stating that "Activating this administrator will allow the application mail to perform the folling operations:

    • ! Erase all data - perfom a factory reset, which deletes allof your data without any confirmation
    • ! Limit password - Restrict the types of passwords that you are allowed to use.
    • ! Watch login attempts - Monitors failed attempts to log into your device.
    • ! Force lock - Controls when your device locks, requiring you to re-enter your password.
    I dont have an issue with the last 3 but the Erase all data piece i do. My internal wireless and regular IT team has never seen this to date.

    Has anyone seen this?

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    Welcome to the Android Forums!

    Those policies are typically set within the configuration of the Exchange server. Remote wipe is there so IT staff can wipe the phone in the event the phone is lost or stolen. The intent of this policy is to mitigate the risk of confidential data (in email) from falling into the wrong hands.
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    I have a similar situation with my company's email security policy which was forcing me to enter an alphanumeric passcode when the phone locked after 5 minutes, it also disabled all other lock methods (PIN or Pattern Lock). My issue was not that I wanted to eliminate or completely bypass the security enforced by my company, but rather use the Pattern Lock option as it is much easier to use when it is extremely cold out here in New England.
    I found this alternate .apk that worked perfectly for me, allowing me to use the Pattern Lock... WITHOUT ROOTING THE PHONE!
    You should be able to install it easily, here's how I did it:
    - Download the email.apk attached to this post
    - Use any apk installer to install the file (I used apkinstaller)
    - Voila! you have Exchange email (use the 'Email' app not the default 'Mail'
    - BE SURE TO SET UP SOME KIND OF LOCK!! I will not be held responsible if your phone gets lost and someone gets ahold of your company email!!!

    This can be installed because the default HTC application for accessing your Exchange ActiveSync account is called 'Mail.apk' and not 'Email.apk' like most other phones are configured (Thanks HTC! LOL), thus allowing you to install another Email application without having to overwrite the default HTC email client.
    Hope this works for you and gives you the flexibility to lock your phone as you see fit!

    QR for appinstaller download from Android Market:

    Thank you to psygbert for this fix!!

    MD5: 0f30726e764df97f5a1c3c967cd4844d

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