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  1. Jethrojag

    Jethrojag New Member

    I updated my LG Black to Android software 2.3.4 Now when I plug
    the phone into my PC running Vista I get the message "Found New Hardware"
    Windows needs to install CDC Serial Driver. The phone also wants drivers
    for LGE P970 USB Device. I am able to access the SD Card and I am able to
    charge the phone via the USB, I just can't access the actual phone. Windows can't find the drivers to fix this. Is this a Vista Issue? Or a LG Black Issue?


  2. GreenMuse

    GreenMuse Member

  3. anranga

    anranga Member

    How is the phone working after the 2.3.4 update? Is it worth it. How much time did it take for the update.
  4. GreenMuse

    GreenMuse Member

    It's better with Gingerbread (2.3.4.) then with Froyo. (faster, longer battery etc)
    The update took only about 15min to complete.

    But the ICS-update is going to be much better, when it's finally here..

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