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  1. dessystar

    dessystar New Member

    I am currently trying to move all apps to my sd card. That's fine, I'm doing good and only have one more step to go.
    But every time I put the command in, it tells me 'device not found'. I realize that I need to install the drivers for my phone.
    I installed a driver(that I found here , went to device manager, and attempted to install the drivers onto the android device. But it keeps telling me 'the best driver software for your device is already installed :confused::confused::confused:.
    Then I go to the command prompt and it still tells me 'device not found'.

  2. aricblunk

    aricblunk Well-Known Member

    Windows might have already installed incorrect drivers. First, type "change device installation settings" in the start menu search bar and click on the result. Click "no, let me choose what to do" then click "never install driver software from windows update" and leave this window open. Open the device manager and right-click all android related devices and click uninstall, making sure to check "delete the driver software from my computer." Then right-click the now unknown devices and click properties. Click the "driver" tab at the top of the window and then click "update driver..." and click "browse my computer for driver software. Browse to the folder where you extracted the triumph drivers, and then click next. Repeat this for all of the unknown devices. Once you're done, the drivers should be installed correctly. You can now go back to the "device installation settings" window and click "yes, do this automatically" so windows will continue to automatically install new devices in the future.
  3. phatboyslim12

    phatboyslim12 Well-Known Member

    well, did you turn on usb debugging? if you turn it on it should work, a matter of fact keep thoose drivers handy you might need to install more drivers, sometimes will find a new device...
  4. dessystar

    dessystar New Member

    okay , i got up to the part where you say to uninstall the android devices. but after that, i don't see unknown android device or anything, it disappeared after i uninstalled.

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