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  1. ArtskydJ

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    I just replaced my Droid 2's digitizer, and I am not able to pull down my notification bar. I opened settings>dev options>show touches, and I found out my new digitizer doesn't read the top 1/4th inch of the screen, right where the notification bar is. It's usable, but I have to put it in landscape whenever I want to use the notif bar.
    Also, when scrolling it used to be smooth, but if I scroll slow, it jumps every once in a while, and will sometimes think there was a touch when there wasn't.

    Did I get a bad digitizer?

    Could the installation be the problem?
    Check out step 31...
    ww w.ifixi t.com/Guide/Installing-Motorola-Droid-2-Front-Panel/3506/4
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  2. Unforgiven

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    I moved this to the Droid 2 forum so other device owners could help.:)

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