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Droid 2 Help Please!!!

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  1. thatswattsup

    thatswattsup New Member

    I have a rooted phone. I don't know if this is important, but yesterday I backed up my phone using the titanium backup and sms backup.
    Today, I was listening to music on my phone, and I noticed 5% battery.

    I plugged it into my wall charger, which never moved or anything like that.

    My phone said it was charging when I plugged it in.

    I came back a half an hour later, my phone was off, couldnt turn on. I left it in the charger (but no charger light came on) for another half hour.

    I came back to my phone and tried to power it on. The motorolla sign came up, stayed for about 5-10 secs, then shut down and screen off.

    I unplugged, removed and put in battery again. No dice.

    I tried a different wall outlet, but the phone would do the same thing, or not even show the motorolla sign.

    The charging light still was not on.

    I plugged it in again, and it showed that my battery was charging at 0%. I felt relieved. I came back about 20 min later, the phone was off again.

    I plugged it into my computer, and although the screen wont show the motorolla sign, the charging light did come on.

    Should I keep it plugged in to my computer with the light on, or to a wall with no light on? What should I do?

    Any help would be AMAZING.

    I have tried the following:
    -removing battery and putting it back in
    -removing battery and SD and only putting battery in
    -trying to hard reset (but didnt work)
    -trying to soft reset (but didnt work)
    -tried different chargers, different sockets

    Anything I am missing?

    I have 2.2, got my phone a year and two months ago.

    thank you for any help.

  2. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Sounds like you have a messed up USB port or battery. To test this take the battery out then plug the phone in, if the phone comes on it is a battery issue if it doesn't then it is a USB port issue. Once you resolve the source you should buy either an external charger or a new battery (I suggest both if it is a USB port issue so you can always have a battery available). You could try calling VZW but recently they have been saying any USB port issues are user error and you would need to go thru insurance.

    Welcome to AF by the way :D
  3. thatswattsup

    thatswattsup New Member

    Thank you! my phone randomly fixed itself. I have no idea how it happened. Thank you though, if it happens again I will keep it in mind!
  4. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    I still think it may be a good idea to get an external charger and battery just in case for you. They are pretty cheap.

    OEM external charger
    OEM battery

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