droid 2 internet storage change

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  1. babyroo12345

    babyroo12345 New Member

    Every time I try to download something off my DROID 2 global on the internet it says have have no storage on my phone but when I check my space on my phone it says I have 6 gb on my sd card how do I change it so they will download to my sd card

  2. biggiesmalls657

    biggiesmalls657 Well-Known Member

    its a bug most likely. try factory reset wipe /data and /cache it will wipe settings and all apps and google account though but it sounds like your data directory is fudged up. :(
  3. tjl1756

    tjl1756 New Member

    I occassionally see this, but do not know the cause. I alt-shift-del to reboot the phone and try again. The download has always gone through after the reboot.

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