Droid 2 rooted Froyo and OTA GB update install

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  1. Seventurns9

    Seventurns9 Member

    This is a a tuff situation for some people who are new to rooting (including myself). I rooted my Droid 2, as it has Froyo on it. I put ClockworkModRecovery and Droid 2 bootstrapper on it after I used Z4 to root it. I only used the Wireless Tether program and didn't uninstall any of the stock apps. Three days ago I received the OTA Gingerbread update but didn't install it. I am hoping that someone who has successfully installed the GB OTA update on their rooted Froyo - Droid 2 would tell me if it works... because I have no idea how I'm gonna get all of my settings, apps and contacts and everything else back the way it is now if the only way to get GB update is to SBF back to stock first. Isn't there a way to do this GB update on a previously rooted Froyo Droid 2??? ​

  2. lrv

    lrv Well-Known Member

    You need to unroot using z4root first and foremost, but I didn't install over rooted Froyo, so I can't elaborate any further.
  3. Seventurns9

    Seventurns9 Member

    I know I should unroot, but I think the biggest hurdle is having a bootstrap installed and that will cause problems... I'm making a somewhat informed guess at this as no one has really done this, or hasn't posted about it. But I do think that the bootstrap program has to be removed before it could possibly install successfully. I have the Droid 2 bootstrapper
  4. shpadoinkle

    shpadoinkle Member

    If your phone is all set up the way you like it, you may want to consider not updating. You can rename some system file (easy google search) to disable the OTA notifications.
  5. Seventurns9

    Seventurns9 Member

    No, I want to try out the new GB release. I'd like to be able to do it without having to SBF back to stock though.
  6. biggiesmalls657

    biggiesmalls657 Well-Known Member

    It is nice but I am using the leaked gb
  7. Seventurns9

    Seventurns9 Member

    I guess I should wait it out until Verizon has a final GB release for the Droid 2 that someone has hacked so that it can be used to update a rooted Froyo Droid 2. Is that a distinct possibility or will one always have to go to SBF to get the Verizon release of GB on their rooted-Froyo Droid2?
  8. JDunc

    JDunc Well-Known Member

    The OTA went live last week. Surely within a few weeks we will have a SBF for D2-GB that we can flash.
  9. markm2

    markm2 Member

    My D2 was rooted with Z4Root. I had frozen some apps using Gemini App Manager and used a few root apps like ad-free, Barnacle wifi. I never uninstalled any bloatware or installed any ROMs, etc. I allowed the Verizon standard GB upgrade to come down and install successfully without unrooting and had no issues. Can't guarantee you the same result, but there's at least one data point for you.

    Rgds/Mark M.
  10. Seventurns9

    Seventurns9 Member

    Thanks, but did you have a Bootstrapper like Droid 2 Bootstrapper or ClockWork Mod Recovery installed on your phone before you installed the OTA update? If you didn't I bet that is why the update went ok. I'm not positive about this and I'm posting this comment so more people can identify, but I think failure to update the OTA on a rooted Froyo may be caused by having a bootstrapper installed. That is what I'm trying to determine before I pull the trigger on mine
  11. markm2

    markm2 Member

    That might be it. No I just had standard root apps like those listed. No bootstrapper, clockmod, voltagemod, or custom ROM.

    Rgds/Mark M.
  12. rickrabies

    rickrabies Well-Known Member

    Im rooted on froyo. Vzw tried to do an ota update n it faild. Since this thread iv unrooted n downloading the new stuff. I liked my stuff but it had bugs
  13. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Well-Known Member

    I was running Frayo, rooted and had/have D2 bootstrapper installed. I now have GB installed and nothing changed, everything is exactly the same. I unrooted before the I downloaded the update. The update does not mess with anything on your phone except for replacing the Frayo system files with the GB files. As long as you do not clear your cashe, data, and do not do a factory reset, everything will be exactly the same as you have it now after the update, inlculing if you are running a thing like launcher pro and have you picture as your screen background.

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