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  1. mothbeast

    mothbeast Active Member

    I am troubleshooting my husbands droid 3. In the last week to week and a half the battery seems to be draining quickly. It is constantly syncing and gmail is using 55% of battery life. Now I also can't get it to charge from the USB cable.

    He does have a ton of emails in his inbox (but he alwyas has) so I'm wondering if that could be the culprit? Would that affect how often I am seeing that sync icon?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. mothbeast

    mothbeast Active Member

    I meant to mention - I put my battery in his phone to see what would happen and it drained off 10% battery life (from 80-70%) in 10 minutes and seemed to spend half of its time syncing.
  3. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    It could be an issue with the data in the gmail app. Try this: settings:applications:manage applications (from home, not from gmail.) Go into the All tab, find and tap Gmail, and tap the button "clear data."

    You'll need to go back into the gmail app, wait for it to resync, and reset the settings in the settings within the app - the labels to sync, notification options, etc.

    See if that helps.
  4. mothbeast

    mothbeast Active Member

    Thanks! That seemed to do the trick. It now holds a charge all day.
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  5. somegeek

    somegeek Member

    Thanks for this. Giving this a try on my Samsung S3 where gmail appears to be a battery hog.
  6. somegeek

    somegeek Member

    This fixed my gmail process from being a hog. Found this a bit frustrating though that this was a new phone... just a few days old. At any rate, all good now. Thanks a bunch!

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