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Droid 3 help please!Support

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  1. Joker36

    Joker36 Active Member

    Hi I live in Australia and have just bought an unlocked verizon Droid 3 of eBay my question is if an update comes out for it or I flash a custom rom can this affect the unlocked gsm in any way and let's say it does and i called verizon direct to talk to them and solve the issue since I don't live in the USA would they even talk to me?

  2. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    i believe they would redirect you to your carrier and have you confirm with your carrier to get your phone put back on their network, because verizon doesnt support non verizon phones/accounts
  3. Joker36

    Joker36 Active Member

    Did you read the first portion of the question mate?
    I am asking about the unlocked gsm portion from verizon.. Nothing to Do with my carrier
  4. natanvm

    natanvm Member


    I also ordered my phone from ebay, and flashed SteelDroid v2 when i came to Israel (using gsm in Israel).
    The flashing did nothing to affect the GSM, so enjoy :)
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  5. Joker36

    Joker36 Active Member

    Awesome thank you my brother that's what's I was wanting to know you are the man!!!
  6. uzziah

    uzziah New Member

    i ordered a droid 3 from ebay locked to verizon if i flash it tosom other rom will i be able to use gsm net work? live in trinidad and want to use b mobile gsm net work.
  7. uzziah

    uzziah New Member

    any way to unloke besides using code ?

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