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Droid 3 Re-Root Question. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  1. clynch

    clynch New Member

    Okay for starters I am a rookie to this forum.

    I have had the Droid 3 for almost year now, rooted (with one click method), and just recieved my first OTA Verizon update 5.7.906.XT862. I tried the manual un-root method and it appeared to work. Then I installed the Verizon OTA update. After installation I noticed Super User app is still on my phone but I have no super user access and cannot uninstall the super user app. I have not tried to re-root yet for fear of causing more problems with my Droid 3.

    I need to know how to re-root my phone given these circumstances. Is it possible to just re-root and again and the super user app will work with super user access? Or do I need to somehow force uninstall the super user app before I try to re-root?

    I would love to put Android 4 Ice Cream on my Droid 3 ultimately. Is there a stable version of Android 4 Ice Cream for the Droid 3?

    I will appreciate any and all advice which can be given. I understand how valuable time is and greatly appreciate anyone's input. Thanks in Advance!

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    You cannot re-root with the 906 update using Pete Souza's one-click method. Fortunately, you can using Dan Rosenberg's Motofail method, which you can read about and find here: Security Research by Dan Rosenberg

    You can re-root with the SuperUser app in place. Motofail I believe will replace it.

    Stable? There are a few. Full-featured? Not yet. There is always some missing feature: no camera; no video camera; etc.

    I think that the best places to look for Droid 3 ROMs are at xda-developers.com: Droid 3 Android Development - xda-developers or at droidforums.net: Droid 3 Roms

    You will see in both places that a user named Hashcode is working on a method to allow an update to the Linux kernel on the phone (which is not normally updatable on the Droid 3 due to the locked bootloader) which should lead to more stable ICS and JellyBean custom ROMs, but it is still a work in progress.

    If you are looking for a really nice, stable, full-featured ROM for the Droid 3, I would look at one of the following:

    - Maverick 4.5
    - Steel Droid 4.8 (i.e., the Gingerbread release)
    - Liberty 2.0 (which has not been updated for a while and does not include the 906 update, but is still very stable)
    - TeamHaters 906 update (I think called "Haters Gonna Hate")
    - DarkDroid (again, it has not been updated for the 906 update)

    I'd also suggest using the Safestrap bootstrap and custom recovery. This will preserve your stock Droid 3 build in what Safestrap calls a "non-safe" area, which is protected from being flashed by recovery, and allows you to switch to a "Safe" mode, where you then flash a custom ROM, using a Recovery that looks almost exactly like ClockworkMod Recovery. You can read more about Safestrap here, as well as find the download for the D3.
  3. jaycarl

    jaycarl New Member

    Just want to say thank you for all that info you gave. I just got a D3 that I'm using on page plus and this information really helped put me in the right direction.

    Thanks again.
  4. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I'm glad it helped!

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