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  1. lindapmft2

    lindapmft2 New Member

    Does anyone know if droid 3 works with Page Plus Cellular? I need to buy a new phone and am looking at the Droid 3 but Page Plus Customer Service says we can't guarantee that all the functions on the droid 3 will work, i.e. skype, web browser, etc. They can only guarantee text and talk. But I need a smartphone for my business scheduling, etc., and want to get a droid to have access to apps.

  2. czombie

    czombie New Member

    My wife and I both have Droid 3's with page plus right now...Only thing we had to do was swith over to basic phones on our verizon accts so that the droid 3's wouldn't be locked in to the Verizon accts.
  3. SteveHebe

    SteveHebe Member

    Sorry for being dense, but I am not comprehending your meaning. If I buy a D3 of craigslist, is it possible that vzw may have locked it?
  4. OneFore9

    OneFore9 Member

    All Verizon phones are technically locked to their network. But that doesn't mean you can't use a D3 on Page Plus. Before buying a used phone for use on Page Plus, make sure that the MEID is cleared for use. Ask the seller for the ESN/MEID (use the 14 digit hex number, starts with A00000, located under the battery and also in the phone: settings>about phone>status). Check the number with Verizon, Page Plus or an online dealer to see if it's good to go. Do not buy a used phone that has a "Bad ESN" or comes back as "Not Clear" for use. It cannot be used on Verizon or Page Plus.

    The "Bad ESN" phones can sometimes be flashed to work on another carrier, such as Metro PCS.

    I just switched my Page Plus account to a D3. Liking the phone so far. I don't use data, only WiFi. Everything's worked to this point.
  5. NOMster

    NOMster Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to activate one now and its giving me "emergency calls only". I've gone through the programming with ppc twice but still giving me that error.
  6. OneFore9

    OneFore9 Member

    The first thing I would do is verify that the ESN/MEID number given to Page Plus is correct. Make sure that the number under the battery matches the number that is in the phone. Then double check and triple check the MEID number that Page Plus has listed for the phone. Quite often this can get entered incorrectly at their end (8 instead of B, missing a zero, etc.) If everything is correct, try OTA programming again. There are a few different ways to do this after activation is complete by Page Plus:

    Dial *22890 and press the send key.
    If that doesn't work, try *22801 and select option 1.
    If that doesn't work, try *228 and select Option 1.

    I don't remember which method I used as it's been a while. I remember having an issue using *22890.

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