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  1. ltirrel2

    ltirrel2 New Member

    hello all droid users. I have a quick question. I am actually writing for my son who is at work. I saw his phone on the counter this morning so I decided to plug it in so that it would be charged in time for him to go to work. I plugged it in and waited about 1/2 hour, came back, phone felt warm but would not turn on. a friend of his called me about an hour ago, and said phone still not turning on...any thoughts?

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums, ltirrel2.

    I'd first (carefully) remove the battery cover and take the battery out for a few minutes.

    Then replace the battery and charge fully. Be sure that when you turn it on the button is not held down for more than two seconds.. more like a quick one-second press.
  3. aostang

    aostang Well-Known Member

    Happened to me once. It turned out that even though it was plugged into my computer, it was discharging instead of charging, and the battery ended up running dead without my realizing that's what had happened. I thought mine was dead in the water, too. You need to pull the battery and reseat it, then plug it into the wall (not a computer USB port) and let it charge. You should be able to see the battery 0% screen when you hit power after you plug it in. I think it needs a 10% charge before it will actually fully power on.
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  4. my phone battery ran out and i plugged it into my computer to charge and i had a white light on the phone by the plug and assumed it was charging. no phone power after an hour.
    i read this and unplugged from my laptop and plugged into the wall and it's charging and that little white light is no longer on.

    does anyone know what the white light indicates?
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  5. s_a

    s_a Member

    To be honest, I don't know what its meant to signify, but I had the exact problem a week and two days ago. My phone ran out of battery, I connected it to my laptop, but it wouldn't turn on. All I know is that it turned on, EVENTUALLY. Which PROBABLY means that the white light, which I also experienced, "means" that the phone has too low of a charge to even start.

    Not sure, and cannot confirm it. But at least it will eentually turn on, and it's not defective (as it appeared to be to me when it happened.)
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  6. aostang

    aostang Well-Known Member

    It's a "sign of life" indicator for techs to see that the phone is actually taking a charge even though it won't turn on. Once the phone has enough charge to turn on, that indicator goes away. Really, they should have just made it a charge indicator and just had it light up until 100% charge. That's actually been suggested on the Moto forums for a possible future update.
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  7. SunshyneLB

    SunshyneLB New Member

    thank you for this! i was going to blow my lunch hour and spend it inline at the Vz store til I read about the WALL charge. I too had the little white light. now, i get to eat my lunch and Droid is charging beautifully! :)YOU RULE!

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