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  1. alexmars

    alexmars Member


    I am a noob so please forgive for any silly questions/statements.

    I need Droid 3 XT883 ROM with GSM/CDMA OMH Configuration, googled but could not found it. One Blur_Version.60.2.200.XT883.ChinaTelecom.en.CN.zip - ?? link is there but could not download it after 3 hrs. It's all chinese & doesn't wotk with google translation while logging in.

    I already have my phone flashed with this when I bought it from ebay, Works on CDMA & GSM both with OMH sim card, but can't safe strap the ROM (It's a known bug due to some different file system mapping). I want to try different ROMs or setting but can't dare as have no backup ROM in case things go wrong.

  2. johnlgalt

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    Moved here for better exposure to other DROID 3 users
  3. redsox985

    redsox985 Well-Known Member

    Can you install SafeStrap and then create a nandroid backup? This will back up your system and other files as an emergency restore point. The XT883 is the Chinese build of the D3... Are you sure you have an XT883? Check under the battery. You are able to use an XT862 (VZW D3) on U.S. GSM networks just by flashing the Chinese radio and there are guides on XDA Forums. There may be some XT883 ROMs available, but they're most likely going to be in Chinese due to the phone being Chinese.
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  4. alexmars

    alexmars Member

    Wow never checked that after purchase. Ya it's 862 flashed with XT 883 china rom. I knew that it's chinese ROM but didn't know that it's 862. I should have as it carry verizon logo.

    Anyway I mentioned in my first post that safestarp won't work on XT883 it's a know bug due to different partition mapping. This phone is not launched in india, i think on eay the seller is flashing it with chinese ROM & changing language with more locale and selling it after customization, that's how i got it. But i got idea from you that I can try to flash 862 ROM & replace the radio with my existing one. But it will work or not i have doubt.

    Do u know any good way with which i can keep my both radio working as it's right now so i can use a GSM sim as well as a CDMA OMH sim? & first of all how can i extract my current radio?

    Thanx for your expertise
  5. redsox985

    redsox985 Well-Known Member

    You need a ROM written in English :p but with the Chinese radio flashed.

    This is for ATT/T-Mobile, but it essentially unlocks it for GSM usage inside the US, but will do the same outside I assume. (Never read into it much, not a concern of mine :/)

    Guide - Unlock XT862 for T-mobile/ATT - xda-developers

    These may also help. (Didn't read them)

    Got a aquestion about using droid 3 on at&t - xda-developers
    (Q) Verizon Droid 3 on AT&T - xda-developers
    [Q] DROID 3 for Global use (Belgium in particular) - xda-developers
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  6. alexmars

    alexmars Member

    Thanks, will go through these & see. Can u suggest any other backup method other than safe strap?

    Edit : Also found the XT 883 ROM link finally, a lot of people on different forums are saying it's best ROM for droid 3 till now, very fast & efficient & with firewall, fm radio etc etc & minus bloatwares. Any way I never had any other rom so wouldn't know.
  7. redsox985

    redsox985 Well-Known Member

    Bootstrap and SafeStrap (SS is the better option, as you nearly CAN'T brick with it) both allow nandroid backups to be made. Since there's an 883 ROM, there must also be a recovery (BS or SS) that works with the phone.
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  8. Montoya4ever

    Montoya4ever Member

    By any chance ...do you still have the link for downloading the XT883 ROM ?
  9. Montoya4ever

    Montoya4ever Member

    Truth is I just need these famous files from the XT883 ROM:

  10. alexmars

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  11. Montoya4ever

    Montoya4ever Member

    Thanks but couldn't find it ... Megaupload is no longer available and the file is no longer in Depositfiles
  12. Montoya4ever

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  13. Montoya4ever

    Montoya4ever Member

    ..but sadly it doesn't have the two files I need to put on my xt862 together with the radio.img and the build.prop from the xt883 to try to get gms with 3g down here !

    I'll keep searching ...
  14. alexmars

    alexmars Member

  15. NOMster

    NOMster Well-Known Member

    i need the opposite. mine has been flashed with 883 and i have both build props, but i can't find the cdma radio. i want to be able to switch between the two.
  16. alexmars

    alexmars Member

    Do you have option to select GSM/CDMA in network options? if no,

    did u follow the steps while flashing .57 & before updating to .60?
  17. 1droidaholic

    1droidaholic New Member

    you can install safe strap but you need to flash stock sbf first also you can go in your build prop with file explorer and change your language to english in the build prop im running droid 3 with xt883 radio

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