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  1. Nucco

    Nucco Well-Known Member

  2. bigmatty

    bigmatty Member

    If you/anyone can figure this out please let us know. I too tried for about half an hour trying to get the stupid thing to boot into safe mode. I am convinced the linked Motroloa guide is inaccurate. It is generic and identical to their guides for other models, with only the text of the model # changed.

    I verfied I am not physically messing up by somehow not being able to push both volume buttons at once (D4 needs better buttons) because I can always get the phone to boot to recovery mode menu (which is done by pressing both volume buttons at once.)

  3. aaj

    aaj New Member

    I'm actually having the opposite problem as you guys. Somehow my phone is on safe mode and I was wondering how do I turn it off?

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