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Droid 4 Screen won't work with Keyboard outSupport

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  1. So last night, my Droid 4's display stopped working whenever I slid the keyboard out. It just goes black. I can still type and then when I slide the keyboard back and the screen comes back, it has typed letters.
    I don't think there was a drop or any one incident that made it stop, so I don't know what caused it.
    If I unlock the screen orientation, I can still rotate it to landscape. It's just the screen goes off when the keyboard comes out.
    I'm afraid it's a hardware issue because I just did a hard reset with the same problems.
    Anyone else had this problem?
    It's less than a year old, will Motorola still cover it?
    I recently moved to Amsterdam and cancelled my Verizon service, so I can't get them to fix it.

  2. freaknormel

    freaknormel New Member

    I have approx the same with my droid 3, but worser: when slide out, screen Fades black, device stays on ( i can receive calls etc ) but screen does not come back anymore.

    I had the same issue with my previous droid 3 ( screen was returning when slide in again ( to portrait ) This was solved after replacing the flex cable , which wasnt a easy job

    Im from Netherlands too..
  3. it was still under warranty so I repaired it directly through motorola (but had to send it to the US and have it shipped back to a US address).
    now the front facing camera doesn't work...
  4. freaknormel

    freaknormel New Member

    Than they have replaced the Flex cable, which is also related to the front camera. So you have to ship it back to them again?
  5. not sure if it's worth it to send it all back again.
    i was going to try a factory reset because the front facing camera won't show up as an option in the camera app. most threads have said that it's a hardware issue. but I was hoping this one time they were wong

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