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  1. dblake15

    dblake15 Well-Known Member

    can you use itunes to download all of your music to your droid??

  2. iPhoneMilk

    iPhoneMilk Well-Known Member

    I'm a droid newbie but it says that the music player can play AAC files so... that's Apple's format right?

    We should be good.
  3. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    Unless something has changed in iTunes recently (and it might, I don't use it too much) it does not support syncing to non-Apple devices. So I would expect no direct sync from iTunes to the Droid.

    Also, the droid won't play any DRM audo files, so unless you've purchased the unlocked versions of songs (DRM removed) they also won't play.

    I'm not as clear on formats...I don't know if the Droid will play the native format used by iTunes or not (assuming no DRM).
  4. knickerbocker

    knickerbocker Well-Known Member

    iTunes will not work with the Droid. As soon as iTunes start to work with a non apple device, Apple releases an update to fix that.

    That is just one of many reasons I hate iTunes!
  5. iPhoneMilk

    iPhoneMilk Well-Known Member

    Right i understand about the sync thing,

    but what about copying over my itunes music?

    It says that it supports AAC format. and it's paid for songs... so it should be able to play it right?
  6. knickerbocker

    knickerbocker Well-Known Member

  7. shaggymatt

    shaggymatt Well-Known Member

  8. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Well-Known Member

    doubletwist works great!
  9. Nimijneb

    Nimijneb Active Member

  10. Demonhak

    Demonhak Member

    Quick FYI, for mac users that don't like Doubletwist and want something like iTunes Agent (Windows only) Google search for SyncTunes. It is a no longer developed sync client (read: Mac version of iTunes Agent) that you can still find download links for.
  11. shotinthenads

    shotinthenads Well-Known Member

  12. NoSenseWorrying

    NoSenseWorrying Well-Known Member

    Is anyone having any trouble syncing a droid with DoubleTwist or Salling Media Sync?

    I've tried both on my Macbook, and every time I try to sync (which takes about 30 minutes for a lot of songs) both my laptop and phone freeze. I have to reboot my laptop, and reset my phone by pulling out the battery. I've seen suggestions for media monkey and songbird, but I just wanted to know if I'm the only one?
  13. shotinthenads

    shotinthenads Well-Known Member

    I have both on my MacBook Pro and they both work. I like DoubleTwist better
  14. metric152

    metric152 Active Member

    I started using this and really like it. Doubletwist worked, but it's really slow. Salling has deep hooks into iTunes so it really feels well integrated.
  15. NoSenseWorrying

    NoSenseWorrying Well-Known Member

    Which version of OS X are you running? Snow Leopard?
  16. shotinthenads

    shotinthenads Well-Known Member

  17. NoSenseWorrying

    NoSenseWorrying Well-Known Member

    Okay, so then there's either something wrong with my Droid (USB Mounting, or some apps I've installed that aren't compatible, or something...)

    Or, I guess there could always be something wrong with my laptop.

    Any ideas to try?
  18. shotinthenads

    shotinthenads Well-Known Member

    Did you mount the phone when you connected it to the puter? Do you at least see the new drive when connected to your Mac?
  19. NoSenseWorrying

    NoSenseWorrying Well-Known Member

    Yep :) So here's what I normally see/do:
    1) Plug the USB from the phone to the computer
    2) Pull down the notification bar and mount it
    a) At this point it shows up as "No Name" on the computer
    3) I can open "No Name" and see the folders that are on it (and create a new folder -- like "Music"). One time, I tried deleting all of my music out of this folder and my laptop and phone froze.
    4) The device will show up in DoubleTwist, and I click and drag a playlist onto it (it is correctly recognized as the Motorola Droid).
    5) Most of the time it at least starts copying music, but then at some point it just stops. And both my phone and laptop will freeze. If I try and navigate to "No Name" it appears to be empty in finder, and it won't even let me eject it. Also, I have to Force Close DoubleTwist and restart finder to restore functionality.
    6) I then try and unmount the USB from the notification area on the Droid, but when I choose to do that, the result is no change. I can click on unmount a gazillion times and it doesn't make a difference. The only thing I can do at that point is pull the batter out to restore functionality.

    Thanks for taking the time to read :) Any help would be most appreciated!
  20. shotinthenads

    shotinthenads Well-Known Member

    Wow, you sound like you did everything I did. So just to double check when you slide your finger from the top of the screen down you see "USB Connected". Is that right? I wish I had an answer for you. Mine worked the first time. I just connected mine and it says "USB Connected....select files to transfer from your computer"
  21. NoSenseWorrying

    NoSenseWorrying Well-Known Member

    Yep :) That's the same thing I see. It almost seems like the the USB drive is becoming unresponsive after a certain amount of time. I'm not sure if something is timing out, or it's trying to copy some file over that it doesn't like, or what.

    Well -- if you think of anything let me know. Or, if anyone out there has seen or heard of anything like this, I'd really appreciate any help!
  22. sadmedic

    sadmedic New Member

    I am having the same exact issue. I have tried both salling sync and doubletwist and both freeze up during transfer of songs. I am able to copy over my whole itunes directory by dragging and dropping, but I want a program that can sync.
  23. guttyla

    guttyla Well-Known Member

    I am under the impression Droid does not support Itunes downloads, which is fine with me. Anyone know if we can set up playlists on the droid?
  24. smegoul

    smegoul Active Member

    I thought doubletwist was freezing also. Then I decided to wait. A very very long wait but it did finish the transfer. This did not happen on all song transfers.
    I was transferring a lot of files so I decided to try a few at a time. Still saw the occasional long delay.
  25. X3RO

    X3RO Member

    **** itunes!

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