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Droid backlight not working

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  1. PigPoptart556X

    PigPoptart556X New Member

    my r2d2 screen broke by means of a hacksaw so i replaced the screen via a third party maker and it worked nice for awhile but now the backlight doesn't turn on when the keyboard slides out. also the phone is missing a screw in the back... my friend lost it while replacing the screen. i don't know what to do .

  2. Wpz2000

    Wpz2000 Well-Known Member

    The cable may have not been attached properly when your friend swapped the screen. Bring it back to your friend? Doesn't he offer a warranty? :D

  3. PigPoptart556X

    PigPoptart556X New Member

    possibly... but the backlight works while the keyboard isn't slid out. he doesn't offer warranties... but he doesn't charge anything either.

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