Droid Bionic + extended battery: Case that fits?

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  1. larryc43230

    larryc43230 Member

    I'm the proud owner of my very first smartphone, a Droid Bionic. I'd like to get some sort of protective case for it, but I'm running into difficulty.

    I take long hikes in the woods, and I want to use an extended battery to help avoid swapping batteries in the middle of nowhere. I don't want to mess with portable external chargers unless I have to. I visited the local Verizon store looking for a case that fits a Bionic plus extended battery, but they couldn't help me. From searching these forums, I've learned that this is a common problem, but none of the threads referred specifically to the new Bionic phone.

    I was tempted by cases offered by Otter Box, but they don't accommodate a Bionic with an extended battery, and their FAQ says that they currently have no plans to offer one.

    Has anyone found a case for the Bionic with extended battery? I'm perfectly willing to go third party (non-Verizon) if that's what it takes.


  2. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Well-Known Member

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  3. larryc43230

    larryc43230 Member

    Thanks, ArmageddonX! I'd done a search of the forums, but somehow missed that thread. There are some promising leads there, and I've subscribed to the thread, which seems to be fairly active.

  4. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Well-Known Member

    Happy to help! I don't own a Bionic, but I have a friend who does. So I've been browsing here. Please don't hesitate to PM me if you need anymore help. =)
  5. Guyver1138

    Guyver1138 New Member

    I joined the forum to answer your question. I have a Droid Bionic and an extended battery in a case. The phone lasts a day and a half with real world use too. It takes a long time to charge though. Due to the clunky way Motorola implements Android and the serious issues with the phone I am getting rid of it asap. Before I do let me tell you how you can achieve your goal.

    First you need a Bionic; which you have. Then you need the extended battery and last but not least an Otterbox Defender Series case. I am posting this from my phone so there wont be any pictures right now. You will need to be handy with a Dremel or similar rotary tool. Why? Because you will be cutting up the back cover to your expensive smart phone and the $50.00 case you just bought.

    If you are brave enough to continue on you will have a Bionic in a case with an extended battery and no way of telling. Only you will know. You can replace the battery cover if you want to later. You need to use the original battery cover and cut it out in the center in a rectangle just large enough for the extended battery to poke through. Next you do the same to the back of the plastic inner case of the Otterbox. Afterward you will be able to put the phone in the plastic housing and then wrap the rubber housing around it and you can't tell you made the mod.

    If anyone wants me to post pics reply to this thread. This is pretty easy to do. I used the metal cut off wheel with my Dremel to cut the battery cover and inner case of the Otterbox. You cannot use the battery cover that comes with the extended battery as it protrudes out too far to fit in the Otterbox inner case. There is a thread on another forum with pics of the process. Do a Google search for Droid Bionic extended battery fit in case. After you cut the cover and case make sure you smooth the edges of the cuts with a sander bit on your Dremel; just to make it look nice.
  6. karr79

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    Tpu cases.com

    avail to pr order 10-28-2011

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