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  1. WenBass

    WenBass New Member

    How do I make the LED notification light work for receiving messages on the Samsung Droid Charge. Thank you :eek:

  2. The Samsung Droid Charge does not have an LED Notification light. What you may be seeing is the front facing camera. Sorry!
  3. Sintec

    Sintec Active Member

    There is no notification light on the Charge unfortunately. You can try downloading NoLED app from the market. I'm not sure if it will work with the Charge though as its meant for the Galaxy S, but I would give it a try.
  4. WenBass

    WenBass New Member

    What a huge disappointment. Thank you so much for your quick answers and I will definitely try the NoLED app. If it doesn't work I'm exchanging for the Motorola Bionic,
  5. Heelpir8

    Heelpir8 Well-Known Member

    Good luck with that, haha.
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  6. zachd

    zachd Well-Known Member

    NOLED was irritating to me. I didn't like it, already uninstalled it. I just see it as a battery drainer. I already have 4G to take care of that, lol. I'll just deal with the no light.

    You must have some crazy inside connections of you're getting that Bionic!!
  7. lv2bsilly

    lv2bsilly Member

    I found the solution to this problem!!! Download the SMS PRO app for the phone. You can customize your sms with differnt colors and backgrounds, no more ugly brown :rolleyes:. The best thing of all, it has a setting to "wake" your screen when u receive new msgs AND u can set it to remind u in set intervals when u have an unread one! :D

    I had tried the NoLed app prior to this and it worked "OK" but SMS PRO is sooo much better. I ended up deleting NoLed :p
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  8. danirw

    danirw New Member

    i disabled notfications on the stock sms but a little orange block still appears under the stock sms how do i rid of that- i also have texts going to both smspro and the stock one but i dont care as long as the orange popup next to the green message stock thing goes away
  9. Dietzer

    Dietzer New Member

    Is this app also called go SMS pro? I would really like to download an led notification for my droid charge. Thanks
  10. Outsider(Avid HustlaZ)

    Outsider(Avid HustlaZ) Well-Known Member

    Itsm is go sms pro but there is no led for the charge or any samsung phone at that..maybe others have it but there is no led for the charge the things u see at the top of your phone are sensors and your front camera...
  11. Will_T

    Will_T Active Member

    Unbelievable. This is almost a fatal flaw for this otherwise great phone. I have had it only a few days. Might consider returning it, but what is there to replace it. Dang!
  12. xtasea

    xtasea New Member

    Does anyone know if the charge is able to get skype video ?
  13. Outsider(Avid HustlaZ)

    Outsider(Avid HustlaZ) Well-Known Member

    I dont get how its a flaw...it should be simple to just pull your phone out, push the power button and see if you have any missed calls or txts or emails..i dnt get how its a flaw...its actually better because now theres now annoying light blinking in your face when your trying to sleep...
  14. Hellcat6

    Hellcat6 New Member

    I think NoLED works pretty well and doesn't seem to drain my battery. I often leave the phone on vibrate at work and walk away from the desk to do stuff. Nice to see if there are notificatins by just glancing at the phone. I miss the light too but find this works pretty well.
  15. binglejellsx2

    binglejellsx2 Well-Known Member

    Coming from the Motorola Droid, the blinking LED at night was a non-issue for me because I had the multimedia dock. When the Droid was docked and the screen was in its dim "night mode", the LED would not blink.

    On top of that I had the CM version of Desk Clock so I customized the time color to be really dim. I just might keep it around as my desk clock.

    And yes, I consider no notification LED to be a flaw also. It was almost a deal-breaker for me. Luckily I found out about NoLED and it's holding me off for now.
  16. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    In use the sound and vibration reminders every 5 minutes until I answer. Go SMS and handcent both have those options. You can very the reminder time and interval. I do not miss the led light since using these.
  17. arch5

    arch5 New Member

    Am I crazy but it seems like there are three tiny led's on the top right side of the phone (not the front facing camera). It seems like the hardware for notification is there but they are not tied to the software. There is no description of what these are in the handbook etc.
  18. dressagerider

    dressagerider Well-Known Member

    I see the same thing. I wonder what they are??
  19. WizeGuyDezignz

    WizeGuyDezignz Well-Known Member

    Those are the proximity sensors. They are for when you put your face near the phone it will turn off the screen while you're talking. They also detect a dimly lit room and trigger the button lights to come on. You can try this by waking up your phone in a lit room and putting your finger over the sensors. If everything is working correctly, the button lights should light up when your finger is over the sensors.
  20. arch5

    arch5 New Member

    Thanks- I will try that.
    Learn something new every day!
  21. Ariali

    Ariali New Member

    It doesnt support Skype however you can use the Tango Ap that basicly functions the same!
  22. kawvulcan900

    kawvulcan900 New Member

    I just want to add that I too was at first disappointed that there was no notification light on the charge....but than about 4 maybe 5 seconds later i was over it!!!
    Like the other posts mention, that LED light not on this device is a blessing. I agree with someone else that said something about it blinking in a dark room while sleeping, that was something that bothered me too.

    But would I NOT call this a flaw, and in no way would i return a phone for that reason. At the moment, this is the best verizon android phone out. Best battery life and the screen is amazing.
    I completly understand that it is something that some may be used to, but would not let it make me get another phone.
  23. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    I also use the sound/vibration feature with go SMS or hand cent. Totally solves the problem without the annoying light. I do the same with my gmail and voicemail.
  24. yehaww

    yehaww Active Member

    I hate the lack of a light too. I installed NoLed but my system lagged and the battery drained faster. It seemed a little buggy. I'd try to wake my phone up and it would freeze for a bit. I have GoSMS too and will try the notification settings, but I really prefer an LED to the phone vibrating. Often I have my phone out of my pocket and on a shelf somewhere across the room while I'm using power tools. I could always see my blackberry's light flashing, but I'm not always going to hear it vibrating. Oh well.

    I understand people not liking the flashing light, but those people can always disable it. It really does seem like a major oversight to not include one.
  25. W_A_Watson_II

    W_A_Watson_II Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping someone will create an App that uses the rear Flash LED for message notification.

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