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  1. paladin732

    paladin732 New Member


    Is there a way to set custom ringtones per contact? (for sms and calls)

    Also, I tried using Ringo Lite and it never sees my whole contact list, is there a reason for this?

  2. michaelkahl

    michaelkahl Well-Known Member

    I use Ringdroid to make custom tones, and you can assign with in that app. You can also go to the Contacts App -> Contact -> Menu -> Options -> Set Ringtone
  3. Dre77

    Dre77 New Member

    Is there a way to set custom text notification per contact?
  4. Dre77

    Dre77 New Member

    nevermind i figured it out, if you want diff text alerts for diff contacts. get the SMS popup app. its a pretty cool app
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  5. Nevik

    Nevik Member

    I see where you can assign to people but only email addy's show and only about 1/3 rd of my whole contact list. I dont get it. what to do.
  6. Nevik

    Nevik Member

  7. audiofx

    audiofx Member

    I don't want different text tones for different contacts, however it appears there is only notification tone which is used for email/text/plugging in usb. Any app to change this? I want to have a different tone for email then i do for texts etc.
  8. AmberLi

    AmberLi Member

    You have to open the email app and hit the "menu" button and edit the options.
  9. babygirlpobj

    babygirlpobj New Member

    motorola has always rang the same custome ringtone for a contact even for texting i can't seem to do that now...any sugestions?
  10. jimkramer

    jimkramer New Member


    This is what I have been looking for.

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
  11. nv1z

    nv1z Member

    That works when you use the default contact list. I am using DejaOffice and DejaContacts on a Droid 3. Can't seem to get the phone to recognize the alternate contact list.

    Please help.

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