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  1. aquastorm

    aquastorm Well-Known Member

    I've had my Droid for a couple of days and wanted some input from others on my observations/reservations.

    1. This phone is not ergonomic. The biggest issue I have with this is the phone is not easy to hold with just one hand. I seriously question the placement of the unlock button because once again it is very akward to pick up the phone with one hand and attempt to unlock the phone with unlock key.

    2. The physical keyboard is a total joke and almost completely useless. The mouse thing on the right side is a total waste and shouldn't be there (what was moto thinking it's almost as if they didnt get any input from anyone on the phones build).

    3. The lack of physical call and or end buttons is ill advised too I believe. This is a phone first of all not a laptop so making a call should be first priority and should be easier to initiate than it is.

    Before I ordered the Droid I went into a store and looked at both the Eris and the Droid and I noticed while I was there that I was gravitating towards the Eris more it was just more comfortable to hold and play with. In the end I decided to go with what most reviews were saying which is that the Droid is the best Android phone available and the best on Verizon but now that I have been dealing with the annoyances of the Droid for a couple of days I am seriously doubting my decision.

    Does anyone else feel the same way? I really think from what I have experienced that maybe the Eris is the better phone due to it's ergonomics, sense UI and more logical layout/design. I'm aware that the Droid is technically the more powerful phone BUT if 2.0 is truly coming to the Eris as well then I see no advantage at all for the Droid...

  2. yvon007

    yvon007 New Member

    I have noticed the same issues but after being a senior BB tech for yrs i was interested in trying this phone. This week I used the eris for about 3 days. The keyboard is nicer(suretype) similar to the storm, the phone isnt as good as the Moto Droid though. I was unable after 3 days to place my ringtones on the phone w/ out doing a buttload of stuff. The screen isnt' as nice nor is it as quick. Keep the droid. Or swich to a smart phone (blackberry)
  3. Yes the Eris feels like a dream to hold in your hand.

    Yes the keyboard on the Moto Droid is not that great IMO, Its shallow and too flat although I never liked hardware keyboards so I guess I am biased. It was made shallow and flat to keep the device nice and slim (which it is)

    I dont like the lack of physical buttons either. I hate having to look at my phone first then press the screen where the button is instead of simply feeling for a hardware button.

    Sense UI on the Eris is fantastic.

    You will notice the Eris will obviously be a bit slower to render webpages and PDFs ect. though....then again its a smaller and more compact device...

    decisions decisions....(but I went with the Eris)

    Seems to me that you should wait for the HTC Passion before you decide anything if you dont mind a bigger phone than the Eris.
  4. Nate

    Nate Active Member

    I really like the keyboard on the Eris. For some reason, I have always been able to type perfectly with it.
  5. Fynx

    Fynx Well-Known Member

    Has anyone found a way to remove the wonderful bar that shows up when you take your phone out of standby? The Verizon bar is what I am calling it.
  6. elchip

    elchip Active Member

    I had to return my Eris because I couldn't get over the awful battery life. I'm learning to cope without the Sense UI and I'm getting used to the physical keyboard... it just takes a little practice.
  7. BCM

    BCM Well-Known Member

    I find the Eris much more appealing for a couple of reasons. One, the form factor is a little more compact and two the simplicity of design. I also really like the sense UI over the standard android UI. Overall the Eris just seems more refined to me.

  8. MicroZealous

    MicroZealous New Member

    Had the droid - kept it about 4 days and swapped to an eris. Something out slide out keyboards - I just don't trust them - and my droid's wasn't exactly sturdy. Plus, the touch screen keyboard worked just fine for all I was doing.

    Beautiful screen - but that baby drinks battery juice. Liked the eris UI a little better - and will wait for the OS updates.

    Faster processor on the droid - so? Again - uses more juice. I wait a half second longer. It has no bearing on what applications I can user or can't. The OS is a bigger issue - but the update is coming. Would be nice to be able to get to the newer market apps however...

    Ultimately, for me, I just need a device that gets great reception (former iPhone user), exchange email, sms, etc. I don't need a laptop replacement - and I'd like the battery to last a full day.

    Eris seems to fit that a little better. Droid is a great phone - just more than I needed personally - and if I'm going to go w/ a slide out keyboard, I'd like one a little sturdier and one I can use - the droid's is not that good.

    One is not better than the other - just like Nike isn't "better" than Reebok - one just fits you better.
  9. bigdroid

    bigdroid Well-Known Member

    I returned my Moto Droid after 24 hours. Just did not like the feel of it, battery life and signal. I have now gone to the blackberry storm 2, but really considering going to the Eris as I do like the Android platform.:)
  10. jhut

    jhut Active Member

    I had the Eris for 4 days. After having an iPhone 3Gs it was just too slow for me. I returned it and picked up the Droid. It's much faster then the Eris. To me the stock Android 2.0 is much more polished then Sense UI when it comes to little things like making calls and sending texts. I'm very happy I switched. I don't miss my iPhone at all.
  11. wonderbread

    wonderbread Well-Known Member

    Don't you only get one 30 day trial return?
  12. bigdroid

    bigdroid Well-Known Member

    Verizon has always allowed me to get 2 returns. I have only exchanged once.

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