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droid eris help!General

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  1. twizsted

    twizsted New Member

    my eris stuck on skateboard screen. wont do anything else!....prolly cuz i took sd card out of it to use for something else,i got bored looking around on it and decided to delete various folders that i didnt think i needed anymore! phone is old,havent used in awhile. put sd card back in,turned on phone...and skating droids,thats all. phone is PB00100 xc ship S-on HBOOT-1.46 . i have no clue when it comes to things like this but learn quickly. and formatted the sd card! in other words,what do i need to do to get it back to at least working? it has never been rooted,had the 2.1 update through verizon...and what to do with the sd card?

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I think that you may need to follow Erisuser1's procedure in this thread that starts with this post: http://androidforums.com/eris-all-things-root/556826-stuck-in-boot-up-screen.html#post4475687

    This will root it as part of the process, but it's possible to bring it back to stock unrooted, if you wish.

    It looks very complicated (maybe it is), but it has rescued some phone that are in your condition. If you follow that thread, several of us walked the user through all of the steps. If you want to stay stock/unrooted, you can stop at this post number 61: http://androidforums.com/eris-all-things-root/556826-stuck-in-boot-up-screen-2.html#post4482095 with the step that says:

    - Choose "Flashback21_v2.zip" and press the SD card to confirm.

    After restarting the phone, you'll go through the setup for the phone, and it will be the latest version of the software, not rooted, completely stock (except that the bootloader, which is S-OFFl; that will give you the ability to recovery your phone in the future using fastboot commands, which is a good thing.)
  3. twizsted

    twizsted New Member

    dontknow what that means? how to i know what sd card root is?
  4. twizsted

    twizsted New Member

    ok, dont understand any of it. whats booting? root folder? flashing?...thinkin phone is trash....
  5. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    The root folder, or root directory, is the top level of a storage device. If you store files in a folder on the SD card called "Documents", the "Documents" folder is contained in the root folder.

    Booting is starting your phone. Rebooting is restarting your phone.

    Flashing is using a particular piece of software called recovery to write custom software to the flash storage of the phone.

    It's possible that the phone is trash. It probably had nothing to do with removing the SD card. If you follow those instructions carefully, there is a chance that the phone will work again. However, the Eris is now a phone that has not been sold for three years. Perhaps it's time to upgrade to a new phone? That's only a question that you can answer.
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  6. twizsted

    twizsted New Member

    thank you...! hate feeling ******ed! the phone doesnt have service anyways,havent used it for months,but had no idea what all it could do. then it got stuck,and through research i have found something i have to know abt! so even though....i will figure this out!:confused::eek:

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