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Droid Flashlight - Works with Froyo

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  1. Ack3

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    Aug 20, 2010
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    Droid Flashlight is an application that uses the flash on your Droid as a flashlight. This requires root but should work on Eclair and Froyo on the Droid. The following features are also available in the application:

    - Use flash as flashlight
    - Morse code converter (type in a string and the application flashes out the text in morse code using your camera flash)
    - SMS notify (use camera flash as a notification of a new SMS, useful for dark places)
    - Strobe (use camera flash as a strobe light)
    - Widget for turning on and off LED

    Should work on the Droid X as well (for Eclair or Froyo), but if you own a Droid X I would recommend purchasing Droid X Flashlight (made specifically for the Droid X).

    Edit* Sorry this should be in App Announcements, please move.



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