droid had hard impact! broken! have insurance but don't want to send back and lose all of my stuff!Support

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  1. phonebrokewhat

    phonebrokewhat New Member

    hey guys thanks so much for helping me out with this, i will try and make it short and simple!

    basically, phone was dropped and had a hard hard impact! it is now broken and does not turn on! we DO have insurance with asurion!

    i wanted to talk about what all of this means because I am confused! i understand they will send new phone, however will i lose everything that was in my phone currently? all of my pictures and such?

    what i want to ask you guys is is there anyway to just simply repair this? if i can make it anymore simple, i do not want to go thru asurion i simply want to keep the phone i have and fix it, how would i go about doing this?

    is there some type of third party repair facility that is trustworthy?

    i would gladly welcome any advice from you guys as well on how i could fix it myself! basically all i can tell you is it won't turn on! when it's charging the screen will come up but that is all!

    what are you guys thinking? let me know . . thanks!

  2. coolpoete

    coolpoete Well-Known Member

    What screen comes on when it's charging? The one with the Motorola Logo? If you have let it charge for awhile and it's not coming on at all I'm not sure what can be done to salvage what is on there. Was it stock or did you have a custom ROM on it? I can suggest taking it in to a Verizon store and seeing what they can do with it but there is a 95% chance your data may not be salvaged.
  3. phonebrokewhat

    phonebrokewhat New Member

    hey man thanks!

    when charging, it doesn't charge but a question mark screen pops up! I guess i just realized how weird the whole "sending to asurion" thing is, why wouldn't they want
  4. coolpoete

    coolpoete Well-Known Member

    I'm not familiar with a question mark screen but see if your phone will boot into recovery mode. Pull the battery out, put it back in and press and hold the vol-down button while pressing the power on button. If you see the "M" Dual core screen and the words "Fastboot" at the top then you can get into recovery and try to reset your phone. Again, you won't be able to keep any data but at least you can try to get it back working again. Here is a video tutorial:

    How to enter Motorola Droid X2 Stock sytstem Recovery - YouTube

    If this does not work then you should take it in to Asurion. The thing about insurance is that the cost of repair outweighs the cost of the phone. I would try to see if there is a possibility you could get a better device out of it. Something like a Bionic or so where you can get the ICS OS update.
  5. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    the ? screen means, the phone thinks the battery is damaged, and can not charge it
    if the battery is bad, booting phone may not be possible
    have you tried connecting to pc?

    if wiping cache does not help, not much else can be done
    pull sd card, back up data more often, next time
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