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Droid Incredible 4? Eh? Apparently so!General

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  1. kjarrett

    kjarrett Well-Known Member

    This just came in the mail - flyer on the new family share plans.

    Looks like VZW has dropped the 'g' and the LTE from the branding!


  2. NightxFall

    NightxFall Well-Known Member

    But its not the Droid Incredible 4 0.o. its the Droid Incredible 3 if anything
  3. kjarrett

    kjarrett Well-Known Member

    haha lol exactly
  4. today

    today Well-Known Member

    Might just as well count the Rezound 4G incredible 3. It is humorous though.
  5. thatexan

    thatexan New Member

    hmmmm, lets see,, there was the original incredible,, incredible 2,, incredible s,, how many does that equal???????????????

    all makes sence to me
  6. thatexan

    thatexan New Member

    lets all try to think b4 we speak,,, mmmmk?!
  7. NightxFall

    NightxFall Well-Known Member

    Except... the Incredible S is the same thing as the Incredible 2. The Dinc4G was originally referred to as the Droid Incredible 3 4G.
  8. today

    today Well-Known Member

    4g3 lte.
  9. Codec

    Codec Well-Known Member

    i thought it was called the Droid Incredible 4G
  10. question729

    question729 Well-Known Member

  11. Brent372

    Brent372 Well-Known Member

    I think we could all agree that the Rezound (I hate that name for my phone) should have been the Inc3. Look at the bevels on the battery cover. They are very "Incredible-ish"
  12. jspidey

    jspidey Member

    It says 4G LTE on the back

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