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Droid Incredible for Droid X

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  1. insteadlaugh

    insteadlaugh New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 1, 2010
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    Hi there! Looking to trade my Droid Incredible for your Droid X. I know it's not out yet, but I do not have an upgrade available, and would like to work something out.

    I love the phone, don't get me wrong, but I am looking to get a bigger screen because of my recent Slingbox purchase, as well as having a physical camera button (I know, strange).

    The phone is like new, had the case and the Invishield on since day one.

    Phone comes with:
    8 Gig micro SD card
    Seidio Innocase (blue)
    Invishield screen installed
    Seidio extended Battery (1750) and original Battery
    Car charger
    original box and manual.

    I am also looking to sell it to cover the cost of buying it outright, if that suits you better :)

    Please PM me or reply here if you are interested, and then we can go into more details :D



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