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Droid Incredible Layouts / Widgets for the UnRooted...General

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  1. MysPrada

    MysPrada Member


    New Droid User, not interested (at this time) in rooting, or digging deep into my phone. I LOVE alot of the layouts posted in other threads but my level of changing my layout is basically browsing the Market and downloading different widgets and pics.

    I am still trying to figure out how to post Screen Shots! *hehehe* Unable to locate Android SDK in the Market.

    ANYWAYS... yes I guess you could say this is to help us Newbies and inexperienced Droid users.

    You can post info on widgets that you like, don't like, screen shots, etc.

    Thank you! :D

  2. Vaseline Smith

    Vaseline Smith Well-Known Member

  3. Rob.G

    Rob.G Well-Known Member

    Android SDK is not in the market because it's for your PC. Here is a link to it:

    Android SDK | Android Developers
  4. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA) VIP Member

    Please continue discussion of layouts/widgets/etc. in the "Post your layout thread." No need to create a second one. The people in that thread are very helpful and will assist you in your questions.

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