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  1. mrchambo

    mrchambo Member

    Yippee, tie one on! Still waiting for the blankety-blank FEDEX Truck, patience is indeed a virtue...

  2. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

  3. WizeGuyDezignz

    WizeGuyDezignz Well-Known Member

    Hello thread! Glad to see we are back together again! :D

    My Inc is on the FedEx truck and I am eagerly awaiting the delivery at work!! :D:D:D
  4. Jceinc

    Jceinc Well-Known Member

    Anonimac edit: deleted quoted post for language...i don't want the first page of this thread filled with so much hate and foul language.

    LMAO! It's a phone, chill out dude:rolleyes:
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  5. bbeelzebub

    bbeelzebub Well-Known Member

    I knew this phone was going to be beautiful, but holy crap. It is just breathtaking. I don't need sex anymore... I have an Incredible.

    Okay, atleast for today, no sex.
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  6. eagleOne

    eagleOne Well-Known Member

    NO! :mad:
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  7. mikecitron

    mikecitron Well-Known Member

    Welcome new thread.....same here; could be on same truck i'm in s/w Austin....come on already !!!
  8. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Anonimac edit: deleted quoted post due to language.

    AWW.... hugs! :)
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  9. mikecitron

    mikecitron Well-Known Member

    HAHAHA...funny sh*t....GO YANKS !!!!!
  10. jayefef

    jayefef Well-Known Member

    it is a phone. but its the principle of it. if someone says one thing and the complete opposite happens thats when it sucks.... its just an inconvenience that i didn't like to happen. its minor in the long run but i needed to say it.

    i'm sure people feel similarly if anyone's ever been deceived or just plainly lied to, unless of course everyone you've ever encountered has told you the truth......
  11. Jceinc

    Jceinc Well-Known Member

    still no reason to throw a cursing hissy fit.
  12. Anonimac

    Anonimac Your mom goes to college. VIP Member

  13. RockoDog

    RockoDog Well-Known Member

    ...and deep breath
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  14. IveFancySSN

    IveFancySSN Member

    .::FedEx - Indirect Signature Required::.

    You may probably know this: If you are not going to be home during the time of FedEx delivery, Write a small note - something like 'Please leave the shipment (tracking # 44592471XXXX ) in the door' and sign it and paste it in your front door. Thats what I did and my package is in my front door now.

    Warning! Do this only if you have a good neighborhood
  15. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Yan KEEEEEES!!!! wooo!
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  16. hovercraftdriver25

    hovercraftdriver25 Well-Known Member

    Just checkin' in...glad those that got there's, got there's...going to get mine today, hooray!
  17. jayefef

    jayefef Well-Known Member

    understood. i just felt like it needed to be said as sort of therapy for myself. its just the internet right? better than doing something regrettable in the real world. i'm sure there will be people who felt the same way. I saw 3 other people bummed out at the store i was at... Mods handled the post and now its over as far as i'm concerned.

    I'll come back when I have it in hand and contribute more positively. enjoy.:cool:
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  18. Mskgreenel

    Mskgreenel Well-Known Member

    Hi Y'all!!!!!! Does anyone find the lock button on the top of the phone to be 'funny'?? I'm coming from an Eris so I keep trying to unlock the phone by hitting the end key that doesn't exist! I so silly!
  19. MikiBee

    MikiBee Well-Known Member

    Well when you get yours, mine won't be far off.. I'm just north of Austin.

    Question: I ordered the memory card from ebay and I haven't received it yet. Can I go ahead and use the 2GB one they are sending me.. is there a way to transfer anything from that 2GB one to the 16GB one when I get it? Or should/could I just not use one until I get the ebay one?

    (Sorry, I'm learning but not quite as tech savvy as I thought I was a few years ago.. lol)
  20. furman82

    furman82 Member

    Verizon has had no advertisements for this phone. Does not surprise me at all that the stores are not sold out. I feel like there was a lot more build up for the Droid. :mad:

    My roommate who has a Droid and was hating on Sense UI became a convert after playing with my phone for ten minutes yesterday. He's now jealous. Claims to still love his keyboard though... :confused:

    How my Facebook contacts are listed under the Phone button, even though I turned off auto-syncing. Bah.

    Also, went to a Frightened Rabbit concert last night. Pictures came out incredibly but the video I shot of "Keep Yourself Warm" was inaudible. I was probably too far away from the stage though.

    Otherwise... LOVE IT :D
  21. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

  22. hal1

    hal1 Well-Known Member

    How do I "wipe" (blackberry term) my Moto Droid (before I sell it)?
  23. mike1650

    mike1650 Well-Known Member

    I personally thought a good way to end it.

  24. inline6power

    inline6power Well-Known Member

    got mine this morning at the local vz store. i absolutely LOVE it. its crazy how fast it is. clear, and super big screen . what else could a guy want from a phone.
  25. Tweaked Halo

    Tweaked Halo Member

    Received my new Dinc yesterday. Being playing with it ever since. Polly gonna go blind now. :D I like it way better than my previous MOTO droid

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