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Droid Incredible or Sammy Fascinate?

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  1. denley

    denley New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 9, 2010
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    I know there are lots of threads about this but most are on the HTC incredible forum which is of course bias so i just want some honest opionions. Ill be going to verizon at the end of the month and have 2 phones in mind, the htc incredible and the samsung fascinate. I have read great things on both but i have read more bad on the fascinate. Now i know the fascinate has not been out to the public for long and the dinc has so there is gonna be more info on it but from what i gather on the fascinate it seems to have a few bugs such as stalls between apps and the touch wiz ui is questionable. From a video comparison between the 2 they seemed pretty close as far as hardware and use. I know the sammy has a better screen hands down, and slightly better when it came to web browsing and video. I noticed the dinc had froyo running during the comparison and the galaxy had eclair, i just wonder what the sammy would be like with froyo? Its already slightly faster but would it blow the dinc away with the froyo update? Just looking for some thoughts on if the sammy has enough pros to make it a choice over the dinc. thanks


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