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DROID Incredible random restart/reboot problemSupport

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  1. browhat

    browhat Member

    Does this happen when charging? If so, you are most likely using an improper charging source. For instance, if you attempt to use a blackberry storm charger (which fits) an incorrect amount of power will be sent to the phone, causing it to restart.

  2. RG34

    RG34 Member


    Did a factory reset on mine after Verizon's recommendation and it kept rebooting over and over because of it. I guess it's safe to say mine needs to be returned. :( What a bummer. I couldnt even get the factory reset to successfully complete, I had to pull the battery out and turn it on a couple minutes later for it to even get to the main screen.

    serinety: I dont know what the deal is, mine is doing the same thing and I got mine at launch date.
  3. Smudgie

    Smudgie Well-Known Member

    Does not happen when charging the phone. seems to happen where there is a bad signal
  4. OutOfTouch

    OutOfTouch Member


    Received my replacement DI on Friday. It was, of course, "like-new" from Verizon. Unpacked it and proceeded to use it for about 5 minutes... BAM random reboot. I thought "maybe it'll only happen once." But it was not to be. This phone had even worse problems than my first one, sometimes shutting itself off and not coming back up. Needless to say, not pleased. Today I shipped it back in the box it came in, and re-activated my first phone. I talked to the desk at Verizon, they said "I don't know why the last guy even ordered you a replacement phone, it's a software issue, hardware won't fix it. We'll be pushing an update coming out within the next two weeks. If you're still having problems then, or haven't received an update, come back and we'll work something out."

    I can't tell if that's a big blowoff, or a sincere description of their efforts on this front. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt because Verizon has always been good to me. We'll see in 14 days if that was a foolish decision.

    INTREPID-NY Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm waiting to see what happens too. Luckily, my random reboots are infrequent (maybe once or twice a week).
  6. serinety

    serinety Active Member

    Hey guys, i -think- i may have at least narrowed the problem down. I think its the wifi. I Turned my wifi off last night and i have not had a single reboot or shutdown today. I have been using it pretty heavily just to be sure and so far so good.

    So if you have WIFI on, try turning it off and see if you still get the reboots. I work tomorrow and I am always on my phone. If it makes it through tomorrow with out rebooting, then maybe there is something to the wifi.

    on a side-note, its cool that verizon has acknowledged the problem. I still have a replacement being shipped, so whatever lol
  7. jaymf

    jaymf Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's limited to wifi, I've had wifi off but mobile data on and have gotten reboots while in the car.
  8. RG34

    RG34 Member

    I have wifi off as well, definitely a hardware issue IMO.
    Hot or cold, mine is rebooting.
  9. ncsustash

    ncsustash Well-Known Member

    My random rebooting story. I am on my second phone. The first one I had from launch until june 12th. Everytime I would drive from Charlotte to Burlington (my daily commute) it would reboot once or twice. I didn't think much of it. I dropped my phone and cracked the screen and had it replaced by insurance. I worked at home for the next week or so using the new one without problems.

    This past weekend we moved to Salisbury. Once we came into town on Friday to pick up the keys, my phone started re-booting. Constantly. If you left it on the counter alone it would reboot every 10 mins or so. If you were using it (navigation, phone, anything) it was fine. If it was on the charger it was fine. I tried different batteries, SD Card in/out, wifi, bluetooth, everything. The phone would go from fully charged to dead in about 2 hours from the constant rebooting. Even when I took the phone out of the area (Greensboro and Charlotte) it would reboot.

    I got a new phone coming tomorrow and if it isn't fixed then I am going to tell them where they can stick it.
  10. deebie

    deebie Member

    I think I might as well input my experience with this problem also. My phone is less than a week old now, and it occasionally reboots when it is just idling. It does not reboot if I am using it or if it has recently been used, and can reboot anywhere from 0-5 times a day. It isn't anything as bad as what some people might be experiencing, but I hope it don't get any worst!

    More info:
    DFW (TX)
    Usually get over to two bars out of four, usually in the -80 to -95 dBm range
    Currently on about 17 hours uninterrupted
    Reboots more often at home than at work
  11. deebie

    deebie Member

    Edit: Oops, double post!
  12. jaymf

    jaymf Well-Known Member

    I think a lot of us are hoping it's a (software-related) signal issue - take a look at the random reboot threads. Lots of guesses, but no solid answers so far.
  13. Smudgie

    Smudgie Well-Known Member

    Happened to me again today......this is really starting to stink
  14. poshpepper

    poshpepper Member

    There have been a few threads on this issue, and no definitive cause/solution found. My phone does it (although not frequently enough for it to annoy me **knocks on wood**)
  15. cap'n crunch

    cap'n crunch Active Member

    I had no problems until this morning. I shut my phone off and turned it back on just for the heck of it, then when I was on the Internet it turned on and off about 4 times. I just gave up and moved on. Since about noon have used the phone and Internet quite a bit and no shut-offs. Weird!
  16. Smudgie

    Smudgie Well-Known Member

    I called tech support today about this issue. They said that they have been getting lots of calls regarding this issue. I recommend that anyone with this problem call them so that we may get this issue fixed
  17. bmwhartgeM3

    bmwhartgeM3 Active Member

    wow glad im not the only one this is happening to. It happened like 3 times with in 2 hours one day and only had it happen 2-3 more times randomly through out the week. It only happens when im at work where I barley get any service.
  18. ncsustash

    ncsustash Well-Known Member

    Nope. Not correct at all.
  19. ncsustash

    ncsustash Well-Known Member

    Well I think I have figured out more when mine restarts. When the battery is less then 50% it begins it's rebooting cycle. Once the phone falls asleep, i can count to 10 and it will reboot like clockwork. If it is connected to a charger....any charger...or is greater than 50% battery then there are no problems.

    My replacement is waiting on me when I get home....hopefully I don't have the same problem.
  20. ncsustash

    ncsustash Well-Known Member

    oh yeah...the signal strength is all 4 bars.

    INTREPID-NY Well-Known Member

    This has been discussed in several long threads. It's a software bug. According to Verizon, it will be fixed with an over the air update coming soon. Hopefully...

    This random rebooting may be due to a tower-switching interaction with the Incredible which is why it happens in the same place or in low signal areas for many users. However, no phone should reboots due to a tower anomaly so it's the Incredible that's that needs to be fixed.

    See: http://androidforums.com/support-troubleshooting-incredible/69315-random-reboots.html

    Also See: http://androidforums.com/support-tr...le/70203-droid-incredible-random-restart.html

    Other Bugs: http://androidforums.com/support-tr...quality-very-sub-par-not-signal-strength.html
  22. suremeansyes

    suremeansyes Member

    Was back in the reboot zone (Baldwin Park, CA) twice within the past few days aaaaaaaand...

    Surprise, surprise, spontaneous reboots.
  23. mttfrog13

    mttfrog13 Well-Known Member

    honestly guys, i don't think there is any point in trying to diagnose the reboot issue. From what I've been hearing from different people is that they are getting random reboots from different things. Some people are getting it when they have a low signal, or only when 3g is on. I got reboots randomly in areas with good strength. Sometimes they were completely random and other times it happened when I turned 3g on or off, or unlocked the screen. Also some people have been able to solve their issue by changing system select to home only.

    I think everyone should just try to hurry and trade in their phones before the 30 days is over so at least you'll get a new one and not a refurbished one. Luckily my problem was solved when I traded in my phone. On the other hand, some people are on their 3rd phone and are still having the same problem.

    There has to be multiple reasons for the reboots.
  24. Grahamageddon

    Grahamageddon Member

    Bought the phone on the release date. No problems until my thirty days was up, then the reboots started happening in increasing increments. HTC says to go to Verizon, Verizon store says to contact HTC. Verizon store is saying they havent even heard about this issue. I bring back pages (including ones from their own verizon forums) I printed out, to show them. We did two factory resets, they checked to make sure every update was downloaded, claimed they switched me a different tower where I am located to get a better signal - still happens. Remove sd card, no apps. use phone for 3-4 minutes reboot cycle until I yank battery out. I can't even do anything with the phone and i'm thinking of just shelling out the money for the droid x, but as it stands I have a very expensive paper weight that I literally cannot do anything with. My first android os experience has been marred by a broken hardware piece.
    Why does it seem like htc and verizon are trying to sweep this under the rug?

    -woops, i'm in Mobile, AL. So this isn't just based in a certain region to those fo you claiming thats the case.
  25. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    I went to a rural area in NC where I'll be going to college in the fall and my Incredible was rebooting every 20 or so minutes. HTC and VW better need to get on the ball for this one.

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