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DROID Insufficient Memory

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  1. magnus

    magnus Well-Known Member

    I just got an insufficient memory warning when I tried to download an app and install it. The installation aborted.

    I have only about 40 apps on my phone. I know people here have said they have about 150....so what's going on?

    How do I start trouble shooting this? To top it off, I just did a factory reset yesterday to download BB7.5.

    So here are my questions:
    - Is there someplace I can see my RAM (running apps) and ROM (Stored apps) as well as what is using them?

    - When I go to Settings-> Applications-> Running services.....At the bottom I see a Avail: 23+64MB in 19 and Other: 47MB in 3. What does this mean? What memory is is talking about here?

    Any help trouble shooting would be appreciated.


  2. SSinisterSS

    SSinisterSS Well-Known Member

    clear your cache in the browser thatll unload alot of memory
  3. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    To check how much phone internal memory is left, go to Settings - SD card and Phone Storage.

    If the phone internal memory at the bottom is low, then that's why your install is failing.
  4. magnus

    magnus Well-Known Member

    Thank you both...

    It says I have 145MB left in phone internal memory. I'm guessing this is ROM, right? So I don't quite understand why the install is failing.

    Where can I find RAM usage info. I've heard or people using ATk for it.....but in ATK, all I see are Kb level memory used by each app. How do I know how much memory I have left out of the 256MB?

    Thanks again!!!
  5. slick_old

    slick_old Well-Known Member

    1,000Kb = 1Mb (roughly)

    More accurately, 1,000kb = .97656Mb

    So, if you've got 145Mb left and you download an app that is 1,024Kb, you will be left with exactly 144Mb of internal memory.

    Unless you're downloading an app that's 145Mb (149,000Kb), you should have plenty of room left.
  6. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    What app is it? And, how much space do you have left on your sdcard?
  7. 97'es

    97'es Well-Known Member

    The 23+64mb in 19 available and 47mb in 3 other is a good question, can anyone break down what exactly each is referring to?
  8. tsaunders

    tsaunders Well-Known Member

    I ran into this on my Droid. I had installed the batting app that was 24MB. I then went and cleared off some apps that I don't use. I think I was up to 200 apps - :p
  9. shinesley

    shinesley Member

  10. magdelaine

    magdelaine Well-Known Member

    I'm having this problem with my husband's Droid. Trying to install application updates it says insufficient memory available yet the phone says that 147mb are still free on internal storage. The application being updated is Handcent (not necessarily gigantic in size).

    FWIW it's rooted with cyanogen mod installed. I've never seen that error on my phone. Any ideas?
  11. cruud

    cruud Well-Known Member

    If you delete things on your droid through your computer be sure to delete the files from your computer too. That's only for SD card but might help someone.
  12. magdelaine

    magdelaine Well-Known Member

    SD card has 13gb free.
  13. publicanimal

    publicanimal Well-Known Member

    My guess is it is warning you about RAM usage, not internal memory. Do you have a task manager/task killer app? That's really a must with this phone. I use and recommend TasKiller, but another popular one is Advanced Task Killer.

    I use the TasKiller widget to kill apps from my home screen I am not using with a single tap of my finger. You can set it to ignore apps you might like to leave running (I set it to ignore Music player, Maps, and MyBackupPro.)

    If you run too many apps simultaneously, it wouldn't take too long until you will run out of RAM, so that's why it's my guess that this is your problem. You really shouldn't be running more than 4 or 5 apps at once.

  14. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    I also use TasKiller, and like the option where it kills all non-protected apps when you turn the screen off (it's quite convenient, but will kill stock live wallpapers). This particular app will also show how much RAM is free.

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  15. einyv

    einyv Well-Known Member

    Avail: 38MB+114MB in 25 says that the device has 38MB of completely free (or likely used for unrequired caches) memory, and has another 114MB of available memory in 25 background processes it can kill at any time.
    Other: 32MB in 3 says that the device has 32MB of unavailable memory in 3 unkillable processes (that is, processes that are currently considered to be foreground and must be kept running)

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