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DROID ISSUES: Post yours here via ReplySupport

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  1. mjshuster1

    mjshuster1 Member

    Google will recognize and focus on such a large, centralized thread of these issues if you add yours here.



  2. Backnblack

    Backnblack Well-Known Member

    Another whining thread?
  3. jpklaser

    jpklaser New Member

    I love my phone and everything about it. Ofcourse it is not perfect, but it is still hands down the best phone/laptop I have ever used. I'm sure any issues will be addressed in future updates.

    The only thing that annoys me is that the phone has mutitouch capabilities and they basically left that out of all of the phones operations. I hope they incorporate that ability into more procedures in an update.

    Otherwise you have one happy droid lover right here. I think my girlfriend might be a little jealous of my little droid friend.......lol
  4. breakerfall

    breakerfall Member

  5. andrewdoane

    andrewdoane Well-Known Member

    I think my Google Navigation has ETA. Or at least "minutes to destination." Am I wrong about that?
  6. mjshuster1

    mjshuster1 Member

    Not as much whining as it is a visibility thread for Google to have a centralized place to look. Think QA by users.
  7. ocean1

    ocean1 Well-Known Member

    Camera fixed today! Think it was a secret patch or something. Works like it should today.
  8. Mrdroid921

    Mrdroid921 Well-Known Member

    Only issue i have is static on voice calls or like a rattling sound.
  9. nmiltner

    nmiltner New Member

    my only annoyance is when I end a call it goes to the recent calls screen, not the home screen. Anyone know how to fix this?
  10. mjshuster1

    mjshuster1 Member

    You're right about that. Most GPS's these days have an ETA on the main screen in addition to the "time remaining". Would be nice to have.
  11. mjshuster1

    mjshuster1 Member

    Awesome, didn't see that before. Wish I could direct call/message multiple contacts though. Maybe have some sort of grouping capabilities in the Contacts app.
  12. mjshuster1

    mjshuster1 Member

    Happens to me too. Not really an annoyance for me though. I'm having trouble where when I pull the phone away from my head, it doesn't bring the screen back up right away. Is there any way to quick-end a call?
  13. nmiltner

    nmiltner New Member

    The only way I know to end is when you pull the phone away there is a button in the center top row.
  14. ChunkyMonkey

    ChunkyMonkey Member

  15. stainless

    stainless Well-Known Member

    I only see educated improvements and pointing out short commings for improvement. And ONE whining about it.
  16. stainless

    stainless Well-Known Member

    A few issues
    For some reason the Droid does not perform simple tasks other phones does.

    1. The browser needs folders for favorites so you can group bookmarks.
    2. Google NAV / Maps do not have favorites.
    3. Contacts only sorted by First, Last not choice of Last, First.
    4. Can not send attachments (pictures do not count) I want to be able to
    send files, docments, etc
    5. No built in To Do list.
    6. Ability to browse networks via wifi. (pull/place files off my desktop
    via wifi)
    7. can not cut and paste from email without great difficulty and slideout
    8. Camera very slow to open.
    9. ability to add custom notifications. Only notifications available are native
    sounds. Can not use ringtones for notifications.
    10. No speed dial.
    11. Need search from contacts screen.
    12. Do not automatically add contacts to favorites without ability to remove.
  17. sho95

    sho95 Well-Known Member

    1 better MMS. in order to send ringtones larger than 200k.
  18. sincere11105

    sincere11105 Member

    I love the phone. As with all phones this one has issues.

    1) as I'm typing this on my droid, there is a lag with the typing. (Just noticed it today)
    2) my biggest concern is the alarm clock. When it goes off it freezes as the alarm is still going off. Then force closes. Its loud and will not shut off until I take out the battery. I'm going to exchange it maybe its a issue with this handset.
    3)camera is terrible. Shutter timer is insanely slow. The pics come out very blurry.
    4) cut copy and paste is a lot better on the iphone. So is everything else I mentioned. Waiting for a big update to see if I'm willing to stay with verizon.
  19. hiway

    hiway Active Member

    As of the 29th of November yahoo mail does not function either. This is after thorough research and it worked fine previous to that date.
  20. doc832

    doc832 Member

    My Yahoo and all other mails work very well. My Major malfunction is that when using bluetooth and the backlight times out I can not get back to a screen without disconnecting. The main prob is that most of the time I use the phone in the dark. In good lighting it seems to be ok. Camera Sucks for 5meg, and too slow to use effectively.
    However its a learning process and I still like the darn thing.
  21. sincere11105

    sincere11105 Member

    The. New update in the next few weeks is going to help the camera issue
  22. stainless

    stainless Well-Known Member

    I hate that it sends me to the call log screen after a call ends.
    Cut and paste in EMAIL stinks.
    SHould be able to cut and paste anything.
  23. pigmoder

    pigmoder New Member

    As stated, no folders for bookmarks/favorites. I am actually suprised more people do not have a problem with this. I create folders on one of the homes screens (for ex. Work, Phone, Me etc). Inside of these folders I place shortcuts to my web favs. Pain in the arse to do this though.
  24. stainless

    stainless Well-Known Member

    THe favorites is a real bug.
    THis includes, browser and Nav
  25. doc832

    doc832 Member

    My favs work well and I am glad to have internet on my phone. It is not a time saver and my work is not that important. However if it keeps me off work computers then its all good. My favs I leave right in the browser menu. Have not found the need to have elsewhere. Trying not to have much of anything on home scree to avoid clutter of the wall paper. Its a pic of my awesome girl holding a shotgun...thats warm and fuzzy!

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