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  1. shkc

    shkc Member

    I used a Verizon Razr Maxx mobile hotspot to provide Internet access to an IPad 2, a Win7 Acer Laptop, and a Dell XP until the Razr Maxx died about a month ago. Everything transferred to the Verizon upgrade, a Droid Maxx.
    Shortly after getting the Maxx, it was used with the IPad only for several weeks as we were traveling, and the Maxx worked very well.
    However, we are now home and are having sporadic problems with the clients not connecting or disconnecting when taking a call. Turning everything off and sequentially restarting the clients doesn't necessarily guarantee a satisfactory result. Sometimes the client will reconnect after some period of time.
    Two other things come to mind: 1) with both phones, Tasker identifies callers and does a few other things, 2) obviously a change in operating system.

    Verizon and its community haven't provided any help.
    If you are using the mobile hotspot successfully with multiple clients, I'd like to hear about it.
    If you have a google/motorola link which might address this problem, I'd really appreciate it.
    Any thoughts appreciated.

  2. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Have you tried it without Tasker so the "other things" are guaranteed to not be the problem?

    ... Thom
  3. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Do you have LTE or 3G connection at home? If I'm not mistaken, if you are on 3G data, you cannot call and access mobile data at the same time (hence, mobile hotspot would not work.)

    I'm not sure - I've used the hotspot once since I've had the phone in 10 months in order to download something on my computer.
  4. shkc

    shkc Member

    No, I haven't tried turning Tasker off, primarily because the Tasker activity was present in the older Razr Maxx. I won't deny there is a possibility there, but I think it is remote.
    I just thought of other item that might be important: Occasionally the Win7 Laptop says there is an IP address conflict when it starts. Sometimes the hotspot will connect, sometimes more reboots are necessary. The IPad usually(always?) has an IP address of xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-0047. I don't know what the other systems' IP addresses are nor do I know how to control them. In other words, maybe the clients would be functional if I manually set the IP addresses, but I don't see how to do that nor do I see what might have to be changed on the Maxx settings.
  5. shkc

    shkc Member

    Phone normally says 4g. However, you are clearly in first place for explaining why the data disconnect occurs intermittently.
  6. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Did you try turning Tasker off as a test and if the problem was still there turn Tasker back on? I don't mean uninstalling it ... simply turn it off?

    (This will guarantee that Tasker is not contributing to the problem.)

    ... Thom
  7. shkc

    shkc Member

    Done. Did not help.
    Is there anyone using a droid Maxx hotspot with multiple devices? Razr Maxx worked with multiple devices.
  8. shkc

    shkc Member

    After days of frustration over not being able to connect more than one device at a time to the hotspot, I changed the hotspot channel from 5 to 7. I had not tried this earlier because some of the behaviors made it difficult for me to envision how changing the channel would help. Voila! Suddenly the IPad and Win7 are again coexisting on the internet.
    I'm still theorizing on how this behavior is different from the old Droid Razr Maxx and am assuming that the Razr Maxx operated on some channel other than 5 and that the Droid Maxx default channel 5 had enough interference from something that it couldn't support more than one device.
    Would like to hear of other similar problems/theories.
    Thank you for your suggestions. I'll continue to post if the problem recurs.
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