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  1. lewwill

    lewwill Well-Known Member

    Your opinion is worth more than $.02 and I totally agree. I was at first (over a month ago) looking seriously at the Moto X. I started doing research, reading all pre-release reviews, comparing specs and decided on the Maxx. It had everything the Moto X had except a pretty? coloured back and more! I pre-ordered , got it on the 20th and it has been the best phone I have ever had. I liked the Droid X, Bionic was excellent but this thing is so fast and smooth I can't believe it. Moto has hit it out of the park with this X8 processor and power saving features.

  2. distortedloop

    distortedloop Member

    What section did you find those posts in? The Maxx/Ultra are the first major new phone released I've ever noticed XDA not having a forum up a week after its release...most have a forum section well before being launched.
  3. tspangle88

    tspangle88 Well-Known Member

    It's in the Ultra forum. What's funny is that nobody in that forum is talking about the Ultra, it's all Maxx pretty much.

    Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=2478
  4. MrBigFeathers

    MrBigFeathers Well-Known Member

    Man, I really want this phone. I have my upgrade just not the money :(
  5. speede541

    speede541 Well-Known Member

  6. Optimus Prune

    Optimus Prune Well-Known Member

    Guy really liked the phone, though. I agree with you that highlighting things like default sounds and wallpaper is just a bit moot since you can swap them out in sixty seconds. He has a valid point that the Google bar should be removable in the stock launcher. Not that I'd notice, since I rotate launchers more than I rotate underwear.
  7. speede541

    speede541 Well-Known Member

  8. speede541

    speede541 Well-Known Member

    Cnet video review.

  9. chrisv79

    chrisv79 Well-Known Member

  10. speede541

    speede541 Well-Known Member

  11. speede541

    speede541 Well-Known Member

  12. Fixx42

    Fixx42 Member

  13. speede541

    speede541 Well-Known Member

    Not I!

    I also didn't notice the "higher res screen" he mentioned this new "Razr Maxx" comes with. :D Maybe he's playing with some future phone?!?

    No, seriously, slip-ups aside, I did see that freeze on his lock screen, and haven't witnessed anything similar on my Maxx. Mine has been smooth like Crisco since day one.
  14. Optimus Prune

    Optimus Prune Well-Known Member

    I and a few others commented on his review on YouTube and noted that the fair thing to do is to let the phone boot before critiquing the lag. You can see that he had just cold-started it and it was grabbing signals, loading widgets, updating weather, etc. There's no lag 40 seconds after boot.
  15. LoBatt

    LoBatt Well-Known Member

  16. BenjaminH

    BenjaminH Well-Known Member

    It seems it's not "cool" to like Droid phones. So they're already behind before the actual comparison is done. The other comment in many reviews is the price of the Maxx vis a vis other phones. Very soon I hope it will be available for closer to 200 when inventory is sent out to 3rd party sellers. Plus there's a chance on Tuesday that the 30% off Verizon code will be applicable to the Maxx online through Verizon.
  17. Outatime

    Outatime Well-Known Member Contributor

    Not at all. Something's wrong with that phone.
  18. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    Truth is, I hadn't actually realized that our Maxx had the ability to slide from the unlock screen to camera or other widgets on the lock screen. Now, I realize it was foolish of me because my Gnex could do that but I have only been to the lock screen a few times since I've had my max. 98% of the time I unlock from the active notifications screen.

    After seeing his review. I tried to recreate the lag multiple times. I had ZERO lag with every attempt. I'm not sure what was going on there.
  19. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    He has peculiar requirements, like specific needs for exchange server connection.

    That's what's great about android and oem specific builds - some do some things better than stock, and you can buy the phone that does what you need best.

    What I need, frankly, is a phone with great connectivity to gmail and with battery life to last me through the day without needing to charge it even in the worst conditions. I found the phone for me.
  20. Whatstreet

    Whatstreet Well-Known Member

    In his conclusion the first thing he writes is "The HTC One is priced $100 less than the Droid Maxx."

    While I agree that 30% is a huge difference in price, I'm hoping to get the Maxx for 30% less later on anyway.

    Battery life is still a very important feature for me. Traveling using GPS a lot, using cell phone instead of desk phone, using the phone for entertainment at places like airports. While this doesn't happen everyday, I got to have it for when I need it.
  21. dirtyterp

    dirtyterp New Member

    What 30% verizon code are you talking about?
  22. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    I believe it is for the X right now but it is rummered to work for the maxx after sept 3rd. It is also for online and the code is verizon30.
  23. dirtyterp

    dirtyterp New Member

    At the moment, there is no coupon code area when you go to checkout with the Droid Maxx like there is for the other phones, even the Droid Ultra. In fact, it is a completely different checkout look when you try to check out with the Maxx. I'm assuming this will change after the 3rd if the code is to work?
  24. Optimus Prune

    Optimus Prune Well-Known Member

    Here's a new review:
    Review: Motorola Droid Maxx | Android Waypoint

  25. Optimus Prune

    Optimus Prune Well-Known Member

    Motorola Droid Maxx delivers astonishingly long battery life! - Trending Topics


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