Droid not downloading apps

  1. Smogcity

    Smogcity New Member

    My Droid is not completing app downloads, any idea wtf is wrong?

    Worked fine yesterday, lots of memory left internally and on the simcard.
    pulled out battery and card
    restart several times

  2. GZ2525

    GZ2525 Active Member

    Same thing happened to me. I had to do a hard reset and evrything was fine again.

    It was lame, but at least the hard reset kind of saves everythign
  3. Smogcity

    Smogcity New Member

    How do I do a hard reset?

  4. Smogcity

    Smogcity New Member

    Anyone else having this problem? I keep restarting and pulling the battery but no luck..

    This loaded app without a problem yesterday..

    Any ideas?
  5. GZ2525

    GZ2525 Active Member


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