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  1. E.L.

    E.L. New Member

    So I've never personally owned a smart phone before, but I've used Windows phones and BB's for work. I also have an iPod Touch (though only 1Gen) so I think I have a feel for the iPhone experience. Now I'm limited in funds and am ready to move to an Android based-phone. I'm with Cricket, and their choices are somewhat limited, but I'll also admit I'm not much of a techy. Would you fine folks mind helping me out by answering a couple questions?:

    - How much does processor speed matter? I've heard both the the Huawei Ascend does not run some apps like Angry Birds, and that it runs it fine.
    - How easy is it to modify the main screen layouts? For instance, the Sanyo Zio has 3-4 screens laid out horizontally, while the Ascend has a 3, 3-screen rows stacked in a 9-screen grid. I'd much prefer the latter settup, but the Zio seems like a better phone.
    - Does anyone have an opinion on the Zio Vs the Ascend?
    - Is there any new info on when we can expect the Ascend 2? I suspect the deals they're pushing on the Ascend 1 means they're trying to deplete stock though.
    - How easy is it to switch a phone designed for Sprint/Verizon to Cricket?

    Any answers you could give me would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

  2. natEMi

    natEMi Well-Known Member

    I don't believe it's possible to use a Sprint or Verizon phone on any other carrier than Sprint or Verizon. Also, you don't want the Zio. It's slow and doesn't have multitouch, which means no pinch zooming. You can just use a home replacement like Zeam Launcher on either if you want to change the screen count and appearance.
  3. natEMi

    natEMi Well-Known Member

    Also, you might want to look at virgin mobile's offerings. they got cheaper plans, and the Optimus V, which is a nice phone, and soon they'll get the almighty Motorola Triumph.

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