Droid or Eris?

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  1. sorbet

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    Feb 7, 2010
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    I plan on getting a Droid or Eris tomorrow, originally planned on a Blackberry but after playing with both, the Blackberry seems a bit to vanilla compared to the apps with the Android phones!
    I'll be using my phone mostly for calling, texting, web-browsing and email. I'm a college junior, so I don't get a ton of important emails, but I get a lot from professors and about internship opportunities.
    A big thing I like about the Droid is the Google Maps with turn-by-turn, so it's kind of like a Garmin...but if the Eris software gets updated, won't that have it also? I've also mainly only used QWERTY physical keyboards, so switching to a touchscreen might take me awhile. However, I like the Eris look, and the physical keys to make/end calls.

    Basically I need some help deciding, I can honestly go either way. I'm just so indecisive.

  2. Frisco

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    Jan 19, 2010
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    Just handle them both a lot at the store. Mess around with them.

    After a while you'll find yourself leaning in one direction or the other.

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