Droid power button being sunken down

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  1. kkwan77

    kkwan77 Well-Known Member

    As of yesterday my power button seems to be sunken in. (5 months later)

    It's like my lock/power button has lost it's click and it's permanently sunken in as if you're pressing it.

    There's almost no movement now when I press it and no click. Curious if this will get worse over time.....? :mad:

  2. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yup. Just called for a replacement a few weeks ago for the same thing. The douche at the Verizon store tried to claim there was nothing wrong with it. I said "are you kidding me? Can we get a second opinion....the button doesn't even click". He told me to call the 800 number and they'd send me a replacement. Which they did....but it had a bad proximity sensor and would black out and lock as soon as I dialed a number. So I took that to another VZ store for a refurb.....which had a bad speaker....so they gave me another one....which I noticed the next day had 2 dents in the bottom and the side plastic trim was loose....so they sent me another one.....which has a couple little nicks around the edges but otherwise works right so I stuck with it.
  3. premierGT

    premierGT Member

    i just filed a claim with Asurion. i started it last week and they were trying to give me a Droid Eris. . um, i don't think so. waited a week and now they're sending me a replacement Moto Droid. the sunken in button sucks.
  4. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga VIP Member

    why file a claim with asurian for a sunken power button. VZW would replace it for free.
  5. Timaphillips

    Timaphillips Well-Known Member

    This happened to mine a month ago or so. Took it to the store and they had a "new" refurb on hand they gave me. No insurance claim.
  6. michaelearth

    michaelearth Well-Known Member

    I literally just hung up with Verizon for the very same problem. They are now overnighting me a new Droid.
  7. vr6dubbin

    vr6dubbin Well-Known Member

    Interesting.. my phone has this same problem as of a few days ago. I dont want to give up mine though, I hear too many horror stories of refurbs. I don't really mind the button...
  8. Giggidigoo

    Giggidigoo New Member

    SAME exact thing is going on with mine except the contact from the button gets "stuck", so the phone turns itself on and off rapidly at times.....Highly annoying, but I've had it over a year so I think I'll have to file an Asurion claim...
  9. KidFlash

    KidFlash Well-Known Member

    I've had this since may. I choose to not get a new phone because this is my only problem and I didn't want to risk getting a refurb with even greater problems. I actually learned to live with it lol. I was trying to pull it out with tweezers, but I accidentally made a scratch on the button. Now all I have to do is insert my nail in the scratch, and push for it to click. Almost nature to me, so its not even an issue now.
  10. carassius

    carassius Well-Known Member

    I have this problem and am getting a refurb today...which I am excited for...I hope my excitement is worth it.

    Other than examining the exterior, is there anything else I should examine to make sure this is one I want to keep?

    I have a small scratch on my screen which I am happy to be losing.
  11. michaelearth

    michaelearth Well-Known Member

    I just got my refurbished Droid in the mail fro this problem and its absolutely flawless. I hope your luck is as good as mine was! :cool:

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