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  1. DystopianFr33k

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    Hi, I recently got a Droid Razr Maxx refurbished off of Amazon, so it's not tied to my current Verizon plan, and I successfully installed Cyanogenmod (currently 11-20141112-SNAPSHOT-M12-spyder) on it, which comes with Android version 4.4.4.

    I could not find an answer for this anywhere, but we're planning on switching over to Sprint's network pretty soon here, since they'll give us the same plan at half the price, and I want to bring my phone over as well. I know it's typically locked by Verizon, but I read that the Razr Maxx is compatible with GSM, and under my mobile networks settings I can see that GSM is something that would technically be possible to select as a preferred network (even though it won't work now, since Verizon).

    I'm wondering if my phone would just work to bring it over there, or if there are other steps I need to do.

  2. theemaster

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    the answer is NO

    The answer is actually "yes" the droid razr is one of my favorite phones for it's ability to have both CDMA and GSM technology.. so what your missing here is in leaving Verizon (CDMA) to sprint (CDMA) is that sprint basically ban's it's unique ESN (the number used to allow it to register it to the network)

    And verizon pay's SPRINT phones in kind.. they ban each other! The droid razr can totally work on Sprint's network just as say the sprint iphone 5s could totally work on verizon's.. :rolleyes: but they both ban each others unique numbers (that authorize the phone) last I checked?

    So here's what you can do you can call up sprint or when your at the sprint store.. try and get a NO to your face :D :p but unless sprint has changed some of it's policy's??? they won't allow it.. (they make up crappy excuses) even though it could work just fine :rolleyes:

    You are correct though because the droid razr has GSM technology in it.. you can use it on 3 total networks.. Verizon obviously, but also ATT and Tmobile it will work on just fine... but it will not get LTE.. only HSPA+ (the carriers called this 4G before LTE got deployed..)

    But I use my droid razr m mostly on ATT (cause they have the best coverage! tmobile can be spotty)

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