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Droid tips, tricks, and easter eggs

  1. DroidRX

    DroidRX Active Member

    So now that the Droid is finally out, please share any neat and useful tips and tricks (shortcuts, etc.) that you find on the phone. I'll be sure to once I play with the phone enough and hopefully find some.

    Goodbuy Storm, hello Droid:D

  2. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember VIP Member

    Good thread idea. I'm gonna sticky it for ya. :)

    Added by Jacqueline:

    If you have a question and do not want to start your own thread or cannot decide which thread it should go in, use the thread below. This is also where you will find the questions that have been removed from this thread.

    Edit to Add: I am continuing to remove questions from this thread. DO NOT POST QUESTIONS IN THIS THREAD!
  3. dep

    dep Active Member

    If someone sends you a phone # or email address in an SMS, you can click and hold on the email or phone # to get options like "add to contacts," "email", "sms" etc etc.

    Nice little feature.
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  4. dep

    dep Active Member

    Also holding down on the home button for a second shows a "quick launch" menu of some sort. Not sure how to customize that.
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  5. DroidRX

    DroidRX Active Member

    Thanks shivers, yeah this phone will definitely take some time getting used to so hopefully this will speed things up.

    dep, thanks for that find. That is actually very useful.
  6. CombatChuck103

    CombatChuck103 Well-Known Member

    That is the multitasking menu. List of your 6 most recent apps.
  7. justinlindh

    justinlindh Member

    Being new to Android, it took me a while to figure out how to mount the USB drive in Windows/other OS's: You need to pull down the notification menu, select the USB Storage option, and select "Mount". Hope that saves someone some time.
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  8. mattparmely

    mattparmely Well-Known Member

    what does this do?
  9. justinlindh

    justinlindh Member

    Lets you upload music/pics/anything from your PC to the phone's SD card. Mounts the SD card as a disk drive in Windows. Before you select the Mount option in the Android OS, the drive will show up in "My Computer" but it won't let you see anything inside of it.
  10. joscon

    joscon Active Member

    That actually shows running apps
  11. justinlindh

    justinlindh Member

    Alright, I figured out where it will find music media... drop them in <disk_drive_of_mounted_droid>\Music

    If the folder doesn't exist, create it first. It'll recursively scan directories and read the id3 tags of MP3's/etc. Works perfectly for me!
  12. MrShneeblie

    MrShneeblie Member

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  13. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    Goto Sync, Play & Send to BlackBerry, PSP, iPod, iPhone with doubleTwist and download the app. This will allow you to sync your music from iTunes. You can syn your entire playlist or make a Droid playlist and sync it.
  14. MrShneeblie

    MrShneeblie Member

  15. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

  16. mattparmely

    mattparmely Well-Known Member

    yep. just downloaded it. I just cant get my droid to show up on the program! it says i need to make it have mass storage or whatever i cant figure it out.
  17. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    When u connect the Droid, pull down the notification shade and mount the usb. Give Doubletwist a min and it will find it.
  18. androidnewby

    androidnewby Active Member

    Another thing to note...I was having issues with the touchscreen after I place the screen protector on it...It took a couple hours for the protector to "set" And now I don't have issues. But...here is a question. Does anyone know how to set the touch sensitivity on this thing?? I can't find it in settings ANYWHERE...
  19. ZPrime

    ZPrime Member

    Just push and HOLD the spyglass face button. If you have haptic enabled it will vibrate once on first push, and then a second time after you hold for a bit.

    This launches voice search directly, no need for another key.
  20. bluenik25

    bluenik25 Well-Known Member

    You are the man!!!! Just spent a couple minutes searching for this.
  21. kev83202

    kev83202 New Member

    The screen is 16:9 so most movies will work perfect, just pick the iphone setting on the side and let er rip. I've already got 6 movies on the card they look great.
  22. Actually i tried using MML but all it did was pull media from my phone to my PC. i couldnt find a way to actually sync my PC library to the phone, which was the main purpose of the program for me.

    I can do drag and drop just fine though. Not a big deal for me.

    By the way i am on Windows 7 x64. Some people mentioned it doesn't install on Win7, but all one has to do is run as administrator. After a reboot and some really slow driver installation, i was up and running.
  23. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    tip for GV:
    Make sure your contacts and pad dialing is in the format 1(555)555-1212 or just the numbers.

    If you omit the "1", or the area code, even for local calls, GV won't work! This is not android, it's how GV works!
  24. I just learned that there already is a task killer built in to 2.0! Go to Home Screen>Settings>Applications>Running services.

    From there you can stop any app/task.
  25. Bince82

    Bince82 New Member

    I found it annoying that you had to go through the settings in order to change your ringer from loud/vibrate/silent. I downloaded this great free widget called Ringer Toggle Widget which can sit on your home page and switches between loud/vibrate/silent with a hit of a button.

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