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What email is faster Blackberry or Droid

  1. Blackberry

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  2. Droid

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  1. Wojtek

    Wojtek Member

    I was just wondering since blackberry is such a good device for email and you have to pay 30 for their service to get email to the phone, is Droid that much slower at getting email to me and whats the difference in getting email to my phone between Droid and Blackberry.Is one of them faster then the other one or does it better. Both of the phones would be on Verizon network.


  2. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    Sep 11, 2009
    atm for business blackberry is a more complete solution when you have a blackberry enterprise or professional server solution

    android exchange active synch push implementations cannot compete with how the blackberry functions in a business environment
    infact exchange push itself currently is not as robust, secure and efficient like blackberry

    the two products are not comparable for this reason and serve different purposes with different intent
  3. Wojtek

    Wojtek Member

    But if i was using the phones for personal use and used POP mail like yahoo or MSN would it be any faster on RIM on Droid ?
  4. Ill throw my 2 cents in.. ive been using 2 blackberry's on verizon and after a few months they both become insanely slow. my current curve 8330 constantly lags and i get that dumb ass hour glass symbol when the phone isnt even doing stuff. it freezes on the web browser, during facebook or myspace. a bunch of my friends have the same problem where their phones just slow to snails pace.

    ive reloaded the OS, even had the techs at verizon do it and every so often it just lags
  5. trick202

    trick202 Well-Known Member

    Aug 26, 2009
    I think he means email delivery, rather than platform speed.

    Am I correct OP?

    In any case, I think BB have it on the email. They have the RIM servers doing a lot of security and efficiency work behind the scenes. I really, really love BB - it's just a little old now and Android is like the mistress......... ;)
  6. Oh, well i was just giving my personal experience.

    As far as email and deliverly i usually dont have problems. im using a personal yahoo email hooked up to it and i seem to get the emails right away and very fast. sometimes the phone bugs out and i stop getting emails all together. i have to battery pull so it resets itself
  7. Wojtek

    Wojtek Member

    Yep the email speed. If i had a Gmail through blackberry does it go first into my gmail account and then blackberry pulls it and sends it to my phone, if i was on Droid the Gmail would come straight to my phone not another server before it got to me. Thats why i was wondering if the speed was going to be the same or little bit lag with one of the devices
  8. Id expect the speed at which it comes through might be faster when using a gmail account since it obviously it doesnt have to go through other servers.

    Using my blackberry with my yahoo email, i literally get an email (confirmed by watching it appear in my inbox on the website) and then less than a minute later its on my blackberry. id assume the same process for the droid but possibly faster if using a gmail account

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