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  1. rodrigo.zr

    rodrigo.zr New Member

    I don't have an unlimited data plan, so I was quite frustrated to see that my G1 was consuming lots of megabytes in the background (also draining battery too fast).

    To solve this problem, I wrote this iptables front-end to block undesired applications from accessing the GRPS/3G network (white-list based), while keeping unrestricted access to the Wifi network.
    The goal is to create an iptables front-end, but currently this is the only feature available.

    IMPORTANT: Root access required - this was tested on a G1 with JFv1.50

    Project home:

    I didn't publish it on market yet, but you can download the ".apk" from the site and install it.
    After installing, press menu an click Help for a (very) brief explanation on how to use it.

    I hope this will help other people.

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  2. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    How does one see how much bandwidth their phone is using?
  3. rodrigo.zr

    rodrigo.zr New Member

    I use a nice application called NetSentry to monitor bandwidth usage (its available on Market).
  4. jamadza

    jamadza Active Member

    sorry, wrong thread...
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  6. scratche

    scratche Member

    i vote this app a must have

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