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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DanMc079, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Jan 4, 2013
    I have a 2006 Desktop Mac that I've been connecting my Droid Incredible 2 to. When I first got it (used) it worked fine, I'd plug it in, select read as a disk drive, and use the "easy phone tunes" app. But now, when I plug my phone in, it charges but there's no acknowledgment that it's connected to a pc. I've tried: different cords, usb debugging, checking disk utility, sacrificing a goat, but nothing's worked so far.

    I've been connecting the micro SD directly to the computer to add new music, but I've been wanting to root my phone and I need to connect the phone. So is there anyone who knows any possible solutions? It could be a hardware thing, the usb port on my phone has been acting weird with charging, like I have to wiggle it around sometimes. And I was wondering if it could be a software thing, it might just be coincidence but it happened the first time i connected my phone after I updated the OS

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    welcome to the forums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i moved you to the incredible 2 forums

    i do not have a mac so i can't help you, hopefully folks here can.

    not sure on a mac

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